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Personal Profile

I am currently in my second year at the University of Dundee studying Education. I consider myself to be a bubbly person and believe I have the social skills and attributes needed to succeed within the workplace. I am very hardworking and thrive in everything I do. I find it easy to talk to and get along with people. I am keen to develop new skills and build upon those I already have. I consider myself to be a people person and believe this is something which I can bring to my work. I am also both approachable and friendly and understand the importance of customer service. I am a very positive person and I am always keen to learn from the people around me.

Key Skills


  • Head girl at Queen Anne High School (2015/16) – I represented my year as well as led various committees throughout the school including Prom and yearbook.
  • Head chorister at Dunfermline Abbey – I was given a medal for my dedication and commitment to the choir and was responsible for helping the younger members as well as leading the choir into the church each Sunday.


  • Working in retail has allowed me to further develop my teamwork skills. Having worked in Next, Wallis and Farmfoods I understand the importance of working together and helping colleagues.
  • I have enjoyed the teamwork aspect of university. Various modules have required group assignments and presentations. This has allowed me to build upon my teamwork skills.


  • Being a student primary teacher has taught me the importance of organisation. I have had to plan class and group lessons as well as full teaching days. Organisation and management is a key factor in being a successful teacher therefore it is important to always be prepared.
  • I am always organised and have very good time-keeping skills. No matter if it is work or socially related I am always on time and organised. I don’t let people down.


  • I find it easy to converse with anyone whether it be teachers, friends or colleagues.
  • I am a good listener in both my personal and professional life. This is essential in order to provide excellent customer service.


 2016 – 2020            University of Dundee              MA(hons) Primary Education             On-going

2010-2016               Queen Anne High School, Dunfermline

2016 Higher: History (A), RMPS (A), Music Technology (A)

2015 Higher: English (B), Maths (B), French (B), Chemistry (C)

2014 National 5: English (A), Music (A), Geography (A), Maths (B), French (B), Modern studies (B), Chemistry (C), Biology (C)

Work Experience

 Retail Assistant July 2017 (Temporary Sales Assistant)

I worked in Next for the Summer sale. My role included customer service, stock room work and various jobs on the shop floor. I picked up any overtime shifts that were available over the three weeks of the sale.

1, 119 High St,


KY12 7DR

Retail Assistant August 2015 – September 2016

In this role I served customers, worked on the tills and stocked the shelves. Throughout my time here I learned the importance of providing excellent customer service and how to deal with the public.

Farmfoods Dunfermline

Carnegie Drive Retail Park,

Carnegie Dr, Dunfermline

KY12 7AU

Reference – Ian Ramage (manager)

Contact tel: 01383 623571

Wallis Sales Assistant December 2016 – May 2017

In this role, I had to ensure excellent customer service was provided at all times. I had to talk to customers and use my sales skills to keep up with daily and weekly targets for the store. I was responsible for getting email addresses as well which allowed customers to subscribe to the brand further promoting the store and merchandise.

Overgate Shopping Centre,



Waitress June 2015 – August 2015

In this role, I was a waitress serving both food and drinks in a fast-paced restaurant setting. I had to ensure that I provided excellent customer service as well whilst keeping up with the pace of the restaurant.

Regents Way,

Dalgety Bay,


KY11 9UY

Student teacher (First year teaching placement primary 5/6)

As part of my university degree I had a six-week placement block where I taught in a primary school setting. I taught various lessons as well as having full responsibility for the class for three days.

Interests and hobbies

Dance: Dancing is a sport I have always been involved in and loved from a very young age. I am currently part of the university dance club and I am on the Advanced tap competition team for this year.

Theatre: Theatre is something I have also been involved in. Whilst at school I was a member of my local youth theatre. I performed in four productions during my time there as part of the chorus and dancers.


 Ian Ramage (manager)                                                            Lorraine Fraser (choir leader)

Farmfoods ltd.                                                                

Carnegie Drive Retail Park,                                                     07714765880

Carnegie Dr, Dunfermline

KY12 7AU

01383 623571


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