Skills Audit


  • Leadership skills – I believe throughout my experience to date I have shown good leadership skills. I believe I have the ability to take charge and control of a situation in order to bring about the best possible outcome.
  • Team working – This is an essential skill to have when entering into the teaching profession. I believe that I am a friendly approachable person that can get along with anyone. I enjoy working as part of a team. This is important entering into a foreign school environment as you have to work with the other teacher in order to understand how their school runs.
  • Communication – I am able to speak to people as well as communicate through things such as email. Communication is key in becoming a successful teaching professional as you have to be able to converse with other teachers as well as pupils to ensure you are always progressing. This is essential in a foreign school due to the language barrier. I believe that I will have to use my communication skills to form relationships with both teachers and pupils.
  • Organisation – Having sound organisational skills is important in a classroom environment. I believe that I have shown in previous placements that I am very organised and take initiative. I am always prepared for lessons and ensure that I keep my files and documents organised.

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