Identification of Learning Opportunites


  • French Language – Going into a French school will allow me to develop my language skills. Having studied French to higher level in high school I am familiar with the language, however, I am not a confident speaker. This placement will afford me the opportunity to improve my French, learning from those around me. I will have to converse with both staff and pupils in order to get the most out of my experience.
  • English as a foreign language – I have never had experience of teaching English to children that don’t have English as their first language. I will be able to learn from the teachers in the school how they like to teach English. I will then be able to adapt my own teaching style to fit the way in which the children learn best. I will have to ensure that research and read about the various ways English can be taught in a  foreign environment. I will then have the confidence to go into the primary school having a sound understanding of what is expected of me.

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