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Character Descriptions attached below:

Prince-charming           Cinderella               Step-Sister-Description-1            Step-mother


Key Scenes of Cinderella:

Scene 1: Cinderella crying on the floor, with the stepmother watching/laughing

Within this scene, Cinderella has been scrubbing the floor under the strict orders of her wicked stepmother. Watching Cinderella scrub the floor makes the stepmother feel superior and dominating. In contrast, Cinderella feels lonely and trapped. The difference in the characters’ feelings are reflected within the levels of both characters in the still image.

Scene 2: Ugly stepsisters trying on the glass slipper; it doesn’t fit

In this scene, the prince shows his determination to finding the girl that ran away. He goes to every home to try find the girl whose foot fits the slipper. The ugly stepsisters lie to the prince to pretend that the glass slipper will fit their feet. They are doing so because they think that the prince will fall in love with them, as this shows their arrogance in their own looks and personality.

Scene 3: Cinderella fits into the glass slipper; the prince has found who he is to marry

In this scene, the prince notices Cinderella and wants to try the slipper on her foot. As the slipper fit, the prince is delighted to have found the love of his life and Cinderella is eventually shown through the eyes of others. She no longer has to feel unhappy and lonely, as her true beauty has been revealed and the prince has fallen in love with her for who she is.

Scene 4: Cinderella goes off with the prince and the ugly sisters cry in the background

This final scene shows all the characters true personalities, which highlights the importance of how you are perceived by others rather than your own thoughts. The stepmother and stepsisters are upset as they can no longer force Cinderella to work for them and treat her as if she is nothing. Furthermore, Cinderella is finally happy as she has been relieved from her wicked step-family. As well as the prince who is delighted to have found the love of his life.

Still Image Carousel 

Scene 1:                                                                                       Scene 2:



Scene 3:                                                                         Scene 4:


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