Creative minds!

It has been a busy start to the term for Primary 4. We have started learning all about our new social studies topic- Knights and Castles. This week we worked collaboratively to build castle models, thinking carefully about structure and design. Check out some of our work…

Art afternoon

On Tuesday afternoon we invited our families to come and join us for Art! This term we have been learning about the Rainforest, last week we learned that there are different layers of the Rainforest. Each layer has different species of animals. We worked in groups and with the adults that joined us to paint a tiger, a gorilla, a toucan, insects, spider monkeys, create trees and vines and we

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Let’s get groovy!

We have been learning about fractions and how to share things in equal parts! We have continued to use this knowledge and we are beginning to understand where fractions are placed on a number line. We started with a full piece of newspaper: we used this piece of newspaper as a dance floor! To make the dancing harder we folded the newspaper in half, then half again. Therefore we were dancing on 1 half

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P4 Power Points

We are making PowerPoint’s about the Romans. Every week we are creating a new slide, in partners we are documenting what we have learnt that week about the Romans. To do this we have to reflect on our learning. We want to make these PowerPoint’s so we can share our learning with other classes in the school. Some things that we have learnt so far about the Romans are… “That

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Question Masters

We were learning about different types of questions. We read some passages from the novel The Twits. We answered literal, inferential and evaluative questions about Mr Tiwt and his spikey beard. We then worked in groups to try to come up with our own questions, to do this we had to understand the difference between each type of question to be able to create ones on our own. “We all

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The Thistle team

On returning to school primary four have moved on to a mini topic all about Scotland. We have been learning all about the Thistle because it the Scottish National Flower. Primary four have found out the thistle was chosen as the Scottish flower as it is a symbol of defence. It was chosen because of it’s thorns and spikes. In class we have made pictures of thistles using paper shapes and

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Christmas Panto

What a fantastic morning at Balornock Primary. Hopskotch Theatre Company visited us to perform their Christmas Pantomime The Wizard of Oz. We all thoroughly enjoyed us and we are now all very much in the festive spirit.  

Terrific telephones

Primary four have been learning about Scottish history and inventors. We were learning all about Alexander Graham Bell and how he invented the telephone. We know that electricity was passed along a copper wire and that the ear piece and mouth piece of the first ever phones converted the sound of our voice in to electricity! To test out how sound travels we made old fashioned phones out of plastic

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Urban games superstars!

All the boys and girls in Primary four were entered in to an exciting competition called Urban Games. The children were given lots of opportunity to try out new sports like street dance and parkour! Part of the fun involved showing great team spirit and sportsmanship. Primary four are delighted to say that we won first place in the Urban Games competition and got to take a TROPHY back to our

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