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How to connect iPad to classroom projector

In a classroom it’s often handy to be able to connect an iPad to the class projector or digital display panel so that what’s on the iPad can be shared with a whole class of learners. There are different ways to connect an iPad to a classroom projector. The least expensive way is to use an adapter to directly connect the iPad to the cable which connects to the projector. The Sway below illustrates how to do that (using a VGA to lightning adapter, but note that some classrooms may have a need to use a different adapter, such as HDMI to lightning adapter, depending on the projector or digital display connection.


Alternatively if you have Apple TV this could connect wirelessly with devices in the classroom – the teacher connects first and sets a password each time to stop subsequent pupils accessing – because it’s in room only, and only for each time session actually in use, a teacher can see username of any user if they attempt connection. Note that the device and the projector or digital display screen need to be on the same wireless connection (which is often not the case for classroom PCs to be on wifi therefore there may still be a need for a switch device to avoid having to disconnect and connect the chosen device to be displayed on screen.

The Sway below illustrates how to connect Apple TV to an iPad

Introduction to using iPad in classroom

Getting Going with iPads in the Classroom – if you have recently got one or more iPads to use in your clsssroom you may find useful the Sway presentation at the link below:

This provides step-by-step guidance, illustrated with photographs and screenshots, for the teacher who is looking to get started using the iPad in the classroom: from how to switch on the iPad; how to take photographs (including different tools within the built-in iPad camera app); how to edit and add annotations on photographs in the inbuilt iPad photos app; using the various features on the inbuilt iPad clock app; how to connect an iPad to a classroom projector (whether via direct cable connection or via Apple TV); how to share content from an iPad with others (whether using the inbuilt iPad AirDrop feature or uploading via browser to OneDrive cloud storage); how to capture images or video of what’s shown on an iPad screen; how to use guided access to restrict learner access for a period of time to specific tools; and much more.

The above blogpost also includes a Sway full of examples of the use of iPads in classrooms in Falkirk Council educational establishments.

DigiLearnScot Mobile Learning Career-Long professional Learning Resource

mobilelearningclplMobile Learning – CLPL Workshop – Resource. If your school is looking to introduce all staff to embedding the use of mobile devices to support learning and teaching in your school then there is a guide available which could be useful as the basis for a Career-Long Professional learning session with all staff. This is available from the Digital Learning Community site (supported by Scottish Government and Education Scotland).

The aim of this resource is to improve the understanding of approaches to mobile learning. The guide itself is aimed at whoever might be leading the session with colleagues, perhaps in a training role, and provides a scripted framework and resources (including a PowerPoint presentation) both of  which can be adapted to local need) ready to use for a 2-hour workshop for practitioners that allows for a high level of discussion and interaction.

Creative iPad Apps for the Classroom by Jonathan Wylie

creativeappsforipadjwCreative iPad Apps for Classroom by Jonathan Wylie – a post which lists a host of apps tried and tested in the classroom by an experienced teacher. Jonathan has selected the apps which he has found most useful in the classroom, and has grouped the apps by the type of creative output being sought, namely video, photograph, graphic design, audio, digital storytelling, and sketching. Jonathan then lists each app and provides a short description.

What creative iPad apps have you found most useful in the classroom?