Getting Going with iPads in the classroom

So you’ve got iPads in your classroom? Where to start? Have a look at the Sway presentation below for a guide to some help to getting going with using an iPad in the classroom to support learning and teaching.


And if you’re wondering how iPads are being used in classrooms then have a look at the Sway presentation which collates some of the Tweets shared by Falkirk schools about how iPads are being used to support learning and teaching across the curriculum at all stages.

Apple Education 30 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

Apple Education has provided a quick guide to “30 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers” – an at-a-glance list of tips which may be helpful to teachers in using iPads in learning and teaching. Each tip on the infographic has a link to a fuller description and how-to guide, so if one of the tips resonates with you, then just click on the link for a step-by-step guide to how to use the iPad feature.



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    Thanks for your message – I’m not aware of any specific funding sources other than those already available to schools

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