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Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision   /   Ar leirsinn;

“Leasaich clann cruthachail, curamach, misneachail agus soirbheachail”

 “Create caring, confident, creative and successful citizens”


Kindness/thoughtfulness, compassion, fairness, honesty, respect, tolerance, understanding, empathy

At Sgoil Bhreascleit we aim to:

  • We aim to provide a happy, caring and inclusive learning environment where every child feels valued, confident and motivated to learn.
  • We aim to develop children’s health and wellbeing including their physical, personal, moral, social and emotional skills.
  • Create educational opportunities where pupils experience challenge and success in their learning, developing the skills needed to enable them to plan for their future.
  • Enhance learning experiences that reflect the Gaelic language and culture in our unique environment and small rural community.
  • Encourage high expectations of all our pupils in relation to their talents and abilities, both in and out with school.






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