Eilidh and Erin paris

On the 20th of November Eilidh and Erin were very busy  in Disneyland Paris doing highland dancing .

They did very well and even got a ton of medals and trophies.

They both did a duet together which was called tweedle dum and tweedle dee and with that they won best costume characterisation.

Erin got


5th in the fling

1st in the seann truibhas

1st in the reel

1st in the flora

1st in the lilt

over all national trophy                                                                                                      runner up highland trophy

Eilidh got

3rd in the fling

3rd in the seann truibhas

1st in the reel

3rd in the flora

3rd in the lilt

and did very well with almost getting runner up in highland

Both girls did very well and made us proud!

Well done both of you coming home with a lot of medals






Science Experiments


We have been learning about pathogens (microorganisms that cause disease).  We carried out a science experiment to find out how pathogens spread.  We found out that the best way to wash your hands is with soap and warm water for 20 seconds.  How you wash your hands is also important.

This is a photograph of another science experiment to find out which conditions cause the most mould growth on a piece of bread.  We found out that damp and dark conditions caused the mould to spread the quickest.