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Eilidh and Erin paris

On the 20th of November Eilidh and Erin were very busy  in Disneyland Paris doing highland dancing .

They did very well and even got a ton of medals and trophies.

They both did a duet together which was called tweedle dum and tweedle dee and with that they won best costume characterisation.

Erin got


5th in the fling

1st in the seann truibhas

1st in the reel

1st in the flora

1st in the lilt

over all national trophy                                                                                                      runner up highland trophy

Eilidh got

3rd in the fling

3rd in the seann truibhas

1st in the reel

3rd in the flora

3rd in the lilt

and did very well with almost getting runner up in highland

Both girls did very well and made us proud!

Well done both of you coming home with a lot of medals






Clann ann an Eis

Air Dihaoine an 15mh den t-Samhain bha sinn anns an aodach leabaidh againn fad an latha airson latha Clann ann an Eis.

Bha farpais-cheist againn agus bhuannaich Frozen flowers – buidheann cuairt litir na sgoile. Thainig Pudsey a cheilidh oirnn agus chord e rinn.

Bha teoclaid teth againn agus rinn sinn cupcakes  agus bha fountain teoclaid againn agus dh’ith sinn torr measan!

Chord an latha rinn gu mor! Uile gu leir chruinnich sinn £81.29.




Soup and Pudding

On the 31st of October we had a pupil led soup and pudding lunch.

We made the soup and the bread and we also set the tables and the hall with chairs and tables .We made the soup out of the vegetables  that we grew in our school ploycrub.

We would like to thank all the parents and friends and family for coming and for all the donations and the very tasty  puddings .

We are very happy to say we raised an amazing £380.10 in total. Thank you very much to everyone who helped us raise this amazing total.

We hope everyone how came enjoyed their meals.Thank you to everyone how contributed to this event,and helped us raise an amazing £380 .

Thank you very much.