Roman Villa

We have been making a Roman villa.

We added cardboard windows because the Romans were super  advanced.

We made a fire out of tissue paper and made a circuit to represent the glow of the fire.  They also made under floor heating or a ‘Hypocaust’. The Romans would build a fire under their house and the hot air and smoke would heat the rooms above.

Tchoukball Festival

On the 13th of February 2020 the P6 and 7’s went to a Tchoukball Festival. The difference between a festival and a competition is that in a festival no one counts the score and its about having fun not winning. We played 8 games and had lots of fun. The skills I used were: teamwork skills, communication skills and accuracy skills.

Science – Electricity

We started a new subject in Science, this term we are learning about electricity.  We were experimenting with circuits.  One experiment we did was using a two-way switch.  When I pushed in one direction the first lamp lit up and when I switched it the other way the other lamp went on.  The skills I used were observation and problem solving.  I have also started learning about the symbols that are used when we draw circuits.