Stem Week

On Monday the 14th of May the whole school went for a walk to learn about Biodiversity in our local area.  We used hoops to look at the samples with magnifying glasses and we compared this with other areas. When we got back to school, we used ID keys and magnifying glasses to identify what we collected.

In the afternoon, we were learning about DNA, genetics and inheritance. We worked in pairs and were given male and female inheritance strips.  The strips had codes on them; we followed the instructions to make our own Reebops.

On Tuesday morning we created a digital story on Glow about Braw the Loch Ness monster. We all helped to write the story and each had our own parts to write.  We could see who was editing which part on the Smartboard.

After break we were designing pulleys for a zip wire. We had to make a device that would safely carry a basket for 2 metres.  Our designs were judged on how far they could travel and whether the journey was smooth or bumpy.  Rosanna’s design travelled the furthest.

On Wednesday we were learning about sound.  We were using tuning forks and a cup of water to demonstrate sound waves.  Then we created our own instruments.


In the afternoon we made our own microbes,  We classified some  microbes and then created our own microbes using polystyrene balls and pompoms. We had a most unique microbe competition and we had to explain whether the microbes were helpful or harmful. We gave them a name and had to tell everyone how our microbe would be spread and what would happen if you came into contact with it.

In the morning on Thursday we had a pneumatics workshop. we worked in groups to design models using syringes and balloons to make moving parts. Sandy, Donnie, Christopher and Enoch made a crocodile with a snappy mouth!

We were learning about coding in the afternoon.  We were working through scratch and micro-bit modules if we completed all six in a module we could get a coding club certificate.

This week is National Digital Learning Week across Scotland.  We have been making the most of the technology in our school all week.



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