P3b.2 Baking

Next Friday afternoon, P3b.2 will make apple crumble using the apples we picked from the apple trees in the school garden. Lorraine, our catering manager is going to open the kitchen especially for us and help us.

The children will bring the apple crumble home. 🍎🍎🍎

P3b.1 Interdisciplinary learning

P3b.1 used their mathematical knowledge to make equilateral triangles from lollipop sticks. We decorated them  with colour and pattern. Because we have been learning about the synagogue, we are going to glue them together to make a Star of David which has 6 points.

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P3b.1 have been working on improving their fitness this term. We have been doing lots of different circuits. It’s tiring!

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Science Garden Fun

P3b.1 had a great time in the science garden today. We collected autumn leaves and sorted them by type and colour. When we finished, we popped them all in the compost box to make food for next year’s plants.

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Active Spelling

During literacy time today, P3b.2 were enjoying some active spelling activities. These are easy, fun stations that can also be done at home to reinforce spelling words and sounds.


P3b.1 have been playing maths games to practice their mental addition and subtraction. Decisions, decisions!

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Happy Monday to you all 🙂

Please click on the link below for the spelling sounds and words for this week that can be practised at home. Please note that due to the Maths Challenge homework there is no obligation to do any other tasks.

spelling sounds 23rd Sep

Homework Challenge!

Being numerate helps us to function responsibly in everyday life and contribute effectively to society. It increases our opportunities within the world of work and establishes foundations which can be built upon through lifelong learning. Numeracy is not only a subset of mathematics; it is also a life skill which permeates and supports all areas of learning, allowing young people access to the wider curriculum.    (Education Scotland)


Monday 23rd September  – Family Numeracy and Maths Homework Challenge

Families can choose one activity (or more if you wish) from the grid and work on this together over the next two weeks.  How you record and share your homework is up to you! There are some suggestions on the grid but please feel free to be as inventive as you wish.  This homework will last two weeks. On Friday 4th October, the eldest child in each family should bring in their family homework and the pupils will get a chance to share their activity with the school community.  The homework should be carried out as a family and each activity can be simplified or extended to allow everyone to take part.  There are lots of real life challenges to allow our pupils to see the benefit numeracy and maths has on our everyday life.  These activities are designed to be fun, active and engaging for all our learners.  It will not only promote their numeracy, but it will also develop their problem solving, creativity and collaboration skills.


Please share your learning activities with us on twitter! @kirkhillPS and use our #

#kpsachievements #kpsmathsweeekscotland2019 #mathsweekscotland

family numeracy homework


Can all children in P3b continue to use their bingo grid activities to practice their spelling words please?

P3b.2 Outdoor Learning

This Friday afternoon, we will continue our outdoor learning in the science and eco gardens. The weather outdoor is for nice, warm and dry weather this week therefore the children will be able to go outside in their normal footwear and school uniforms.

P3b.1 have rhythm!

P3b.1 are enjoying music lessons from Mrs Duggie every second Monday. This week we have been singing and bouncing a ball to keep the rhythm.