P3b.1 Presentations

P3b.1 worked really really hard on their homework presentation and we loved hearing them this afternoon. We didn’t’ have time to hear them all so we are looking forward to more when we are back next week!

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Pet Detectives

Some of our puppets also got to hear the story ‘Pet Detectives’.  They really enjoyed hearing the stories being read with expression.

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Reading buddies!

Some of our puppets were enjoying being read the story ‘How the Elephant got his Trunk’ this morning.

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P3b.2 Local Area Projects

P3b.2 presented their local area projects in class on Friday.  The children were confident, enthusiastic and answered questions too.

The children were very keen to display their projects on our’ PROUD’ wall in class.  Well done!


P3b.2 Literacy Stations

P3b.2 were very busy working in their Literacy Stations this morning.

Riley and Zach were working together to match facts from their non-fiction Big Cats book to different night animals.

Charlie and Cameron were reading to each other. They boys added a lot of expression. Well done!

Rory and Georgia worked together to match word families.

Harry and Selena were sorting our rhyming words.

Selena and Hana were writing their spelling words on the big board.