Temporary closure update!

Good afternoon,

Temporary closure update!

Many apologies for the unavoidable closure of classrooms this afternoon. We have had engineers working at Kirkhill and the school will be ready for us all to return on Tuesday 15th December.

We look forward to seeing everyone then!

Thank you for your understanding and support

Thank you


Class Transition Sways Session 2020 – 2021

Our staff are looking forward to welcoming pupils back in August. The teachers have created a Sway for their new class with information to support all of our pupils when they return to Kirkhill.

These can be accessed by clicking on the links below;

Class Link to Sway
P1A https://sway.office.com/FUu39O8CxJgE5VZT?ref=Link
P1B https://sway.office.com/PDrOh9tUgyW49FXf?ref=Link
P1C https://sway.office.com/VgtwsYwOOAOBHNvF?ref=Link
P2A https://sway.office.com/y1O7zCs8l63pDXJP?ref=Link&loc=play
P2B https://sway.office.com/Avl20MBmkXT5rfj5
P2C https://sway.office.com/5e2SfU8PuG1QfH98?ref=Link
P3A https://sway.office.com/HZEu65h9UAjutbIL?ref=Link&loc=play
P3B https://sway.office.com/D0VAwH7m8neXW48x?ref=Link
P3C https://sway.office.com/RLklT4pfYyAIEVbT?ref=email
P4A1 https://sway.office.com/m849lHiH0NUOFMro?ref=Link
P4A2 https://sway.office.com/3HmkhKtrMNCXOinK?ref=Link
P4B1 https://sway.office.com/GKpGGFH4lcVU0qpC?ref=Link
P4B2 https://sway.office.com/VQY9mWvKHfQdg24S?ref=Link
P4C1 https://sway.office.com/Dw75NfV6qFXAPX2q?ref=Link
P4C2 https://sway.office.com/lHlOZ7IVs1etGEnh?ref=Link
P5A https://sway.office.com/J8ejWGplvf2aGyjh?ref=Link&loc=play
P5B https://sway.office.com/UOOCQcTm6cytK4YK?ref=Link&loc=play
P5C https://sway.office.com/mAC9yHMtM8PzJ9nd?ref=Link
P6A https://sway.office.com/9JIK1IjHG8vYNwUb?ref=Link
P6B https://sway.office.com/WOSHGGrBbFGRQzi3?ref=Link
P6C https://sway.office.com/Mc5LfizVCm4VH7CK?ref=Link
P7A https://sway.office.com/2uWHdKpAhv89mQei?ref=Link
P7B https://sway.office.com/CmxxqpUIXtj0PHwB?ref=Link
P7C https://sway.office.com/BmtYuzUpHZy68YZL?ref=Link

Save the Children UK Covid-19 Resources

The Save the Children website is a fantastic place to find resources and ideas for supporting our children and young people through the challenges of the current Covid-19 pandemic.  The link below takes you directly to their website where you can navigate around the different information, advice and activities which they have put together, as well as being able to access the rest of their website.

Save the Children website

Alternatively you can use this link to access their Covid-19 Resources document.

Save the Children – UK Covid-19 Resource Pack 1

Granny and Granda enjoy a safe walk

Good morning! This is our last picture of our walk at Cathcart Castle Golf Club. We wonder how many of you guessed our secret location? We enjoyed a lovely safe walk and we hope you are enjoying a nice walk if you are able to.

We will be back next week with more adventures.

Have a lovely weekend!

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