School Photographs

The school photographer will be visiting Kirkhill Primary School on

 Wednesday 7th October & Thursday 8th October 2015.


This session all children will have family and class group photos taken.

For the class group photographs, P1 & P7 will have both the traditional and contemporary style class group photos taken and P2 – P6 will have the contemporary style class group photograph taken.

Please note, that for all class photographs, children will have their photograph taken in their shirt and tie and will be required, by the photographer, to remove grey cardigans and pullovers.

Refugee Aid

Councillor Waters (East Renfrewshire Council) is co-ordinating aid to those who are held in refugee camps in Calais and is organising a convoy which will leave on Thursday 29th October.  If you would like to support this very worthwhile cause and donate items which will give some comfort to children and families caught in this tragic situation, Councillor Waters has suggested that primary schools could ask families to donate specific items.  Items which are much needed and in very short supply are:

  • small torches
  • double AA batteries for torches
  • tea lights
  • jars and packets of ready to eat baby food
  • warm clothing for men and boys
  • sturdy footwear for men, women and children (all sizes and all ages)
  • basic toiletries (soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc)

Items should be brought into school on the morning of the 21st October in a tied plastic carrier bag or bin bag. These can either be sent to school with your child or dropped off by yourself into the school office between 9 and 9.30am on this day only please. Councillor Waters’ group will collect any items donated from the school on Friday 23rd October. On behalf of all the families that will benefit from your generous donations, a very warm and heart felt “thank you”.

We will also spend some time in school discussing this cause with all of our children.

UNCRC Article 39

Children neglected, abused, exploited, tortured or who are victims of war must receive special help to help them recover their health, dignity and self-respect.


Pupil Council Local Charity: Quarriers Day

The Pupil Council have been working extremely hard to organise a Quarriers Charity Day at Kirkhill. Quarriers provide care and support for thousands of vulnerable children, adults and families who face extremely challenging circumstances. To support the important work that the charity does, the Pupil Council have planned many learning opportunities to raise awareness with our pupils, and created a fundraising opportunity to raise funds for this local charity.

As well as all of the fun learning activities on the day, the Pupil Council have also created a Charity Quiz for all pupils.  If you would also like to participate, please complete the quiz sheet below  and return it to your Class Teacher, along with your donation, on Friday 2nd October. We would like to ask each pupil to bring a minimum £1 donation for Quarriers.  The winners of the Charity Quiz will be chosen at random on Friday and will be awarded with a special prize!

Pupil Council Quiz

UNCRC Article 27
Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good
enough to meet their physical, social and mental needs.

Inter House Competition Day

dancing childrenOur first House Day will take place on Thursday 24th September.  Each class will be showing off their moves by taking part in a class ‘Dance-Off’ with the winners going forward to the final “House Dance Off”.

We would like pupils to come to school on Thursday dressed in their house colour t-shirt and do not require to wear their uniform on this day

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 31  You have the right to play, relax and take part in a wide range of activities.

Air Quality Around Schools

As part of our commitment to improving local air quality, East Renfrewshire Council now has powers to issue fixed penalty notices to drivers who don’t switch off their engines when stationary. Council officers will be carrying out patrols around local schools and speaking to drivers who let their vehicles idle unnecessarily.

Air quality within East Renfrewshire is generally good and meets national standards, however we are always keen to make further improvements. Within East Renfrewshire, road traffic is the main source of air pollutants. Parents and others taking children to and from school can help to reduce children’s exposure to exhaust fumes by leaving the car at home, by parking further away from the school and by turning off their engines when stationary.


Harvest Thanksgiving

Throughout the week beginning Monday 14th September the staff and children of Kirkhill will be celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving. This will be the first of a variety of assemblies we will be celebrating this year, focussing on different faiths and celebrations. This supports pupils in their learning within Religious and Moral Education, particularly within the Experience and Outcome of:

Through investigating and reflecting upon the ways in which followers of world religions mark major life events and times of year, I can explain key features of such festivals and celebrations. Second Level.

As always at Kirkhill, we are keen to involve our parents and local community to enhance our pupils’ learning experiences and so I would be delighted to hear from any of you who would be able to share your expertise around the topic of Harvest. If you are able to be involved please complete and return the slip below.

We will be celebrating through assemblies and we would also like to encourage our pupils to be responsible citizens and effective contributors in their community through the donations of foods which can be used by those in need in and around our local community. We will be giving our donations to the Trussell Trust network, which co-ordinates the East Renfrewshire Foodbank. It supports people who find themselves in crisis and need the help of the community.

We will be collecting the donations from Monday 14th September onwards. The following is a list of foods which would be of most use:

  • Coffee
  • Sugar
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Biscuits
  • Tins of soup, fruit, beans, vegetables, cold-meat, tuna, custard and rice

UN Convention on the Rights of the child Article 24

Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must work to provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food and a clean environment so that children can stay healthy.


Dyslexia Scotland Glasgow East Ren

OPEN MEETINGS for 2015/16

All Meetings to be held at MEARNS CASTLE HIGH SCHOOL



Inspirational speaker Paul McNeill

Come along and hear Paul talk about his journey with dyslexia, from leaving school with no qualifications to becoming a regional manager with the Scottish Football Association


CALEDONIAN UNI – Nadia Northway to present on Irlen Syndrome



THURSDAY, 5 May 2016

SHONA COOK – to present a ‘parents perspective’ and break out in to groups to chat.

Email Address is

East Renfrewshire Disability Action

East Renfrewshire Disability Action (ERDA)  were launched at the Barriers & Bridges Community Conference event in March 2011 and exist as a local disability organisation to raise the issues and concerns of disabled people at a local and national level and to challenge policies and decisions which maintain and reinforce the social, physical, attitudinal, cultural and economic barriers that prevent disabled people taking up their rightful role as full and equal citizens. The organisation is always on the look-out for new members both disabled and able bodied.  For more information, please e-mail or the website at


Summer Gala

We are delighted to announce that our Gala held last Saturday made a huge profit of over £4000!  A big thank you to everyone who attended, to all the parent helpers, teachers who came along to help, everyone who donated raffle prizes, gifts and home baking.

Special thanks to our sponsors Nicol Estate Agents for supporting our event, and for donating the Ipad for the raffle’s top prize.

Thanks to Councillor Jim Swift who once again performed wonderfully as our Beat the Goalie. Big thanks to Mark the Janitor and his wife Linda whom we kept busy with setting up and cleaning up afterwards.  Thanks to Kate and Scott Telfour for supplying the advertising banner and once again for placing it around Newton Mearns!

Thanks to Saj and Shahid Sadiq for providing all the delicious Subway sandwiches, and to all the fantastic bakers out there who donated some sensational home baking.

The chocolate cake bake off was another great success, and we had 2 winners – best novelty cake and best tasting cake. These were won by Eilidh Thomson and Laura Osbourne. A Big thank you to Jim Swift who picked the novelty cake winner, and to our very strict tasting panel consisting of teachers Mrs McDougall, Mrs Sinclair and Mrs Uprichard who had the “enviable” task of tasting 14 chocolates cakes and picking a winner!

The top prizewinners in the raffle were as follows:

1st prize – An Ipad Air, won by Ian Cant

2nd prize – An ipad mini, won by Robert Crerar

3rd prize – £100 cash, won by Mrs Malik

4th prize – £50 cash, won by Claire Gallacher.

The parent council has now allocated £2000 to the school for outdoor playground equipment and Friday fun toys and games, and £630 for teacher’s class supplies.

All our fundraising events are organized with the same aim – to support and benefit all our children at Kirkhill – so thank you to everyone who helped make the Gala another Kirkhill success.

Kirkhill Parent Council

Fundraising Committee.

Early Closure

School will close on Wednesday 24th June at 1.00pm.

Please note normal arrangements will apply for pupils using school transport.

School will return next session on

Thursday 13th August 2015

Happy holidays!

****ALL P7s****

Please note:

Money on the accounts of any primary 7 children cannot be transferred to high school. Please ensured all money is spent before the end of term or transferred to a sibling’s account by requesting this option from the school office.


Thank you.

Dates for your Diary

Tuesday 16th June – Race Day

On this day we will be holding a traditional ‘races’ Sports Day. This will be held on the banking area. Each year group will be involved in a flat race and then, time permitting, one novelty race of their choice. e.g. Egg and spoon or wheelbarrow. Every 1st, 2nd or 3rd place winner will receive house points which will go towards the Kirkhill House Trophy awarded to the winning house at the end of the session.

Parents watch out – there will even be a parents race so wear your trainers!

Thursday 18th June 2014 – Activity stations

The activity stations will allow all children to participate in a variety of mini sporting activities such as hockey, basketball, javelin and a tug-of-war! These events will be held within the muga and P6/7 playground areas. The children will be split into house teams and the winning house will receive a medal. All points earned will again go towards the Kirkhill House Trophy.As children are taking part in ‘house’ teams, we would appreciate it each child could wear an item of clothing in their house colour. Primary 7 pupils should wear their’ house hoodies’ to both events.


Timings for both days are as follows

P1-3: 10.00am – 12.15pm

P4-7: 1.00pm – 2.45pm

If there is torrential rain on either day, unfortunately the event may have to be cancelled.


Please send your child to school dressed for both sports days in their outdoor school tracksuit with shorts etc. underneath.


UN Convention on the Rights of the child Article 31

Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.



Report a Glow concern