P3b.1 have been learning about position and movement in numeracy. We have been learning about quarter, half, three quarter and full turns to the left and right. Some of us have been using right angles to give directions and turning clockwise and anti-clockwise.

We used our knowledge to help us with coding in ICT and worked with partners in the playground, giving and following directions to reach an object in one of the boxes.

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P3b.2 Robots

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P3b.2 are delighted to present their robots. The children worked so well together to create their own group robot. Look for jet packs, batteries and a golden crown in the slideshow.

P3b.2 Making Robots

Primary 3 are having a very busy morning! The children have organised themselves in groups and are working together to create a group robot. They are discussing the designs they wrote about last week and making decisions together.