P3b glass jar appeal

We are looking for glass jars for one of our Christmas craft activities and would really appreciate donations of glass jars. We are hoping for one jar per child. Please send a clean glass jar with the label removed for next Friday. If you have more at home, we would gladly receive them.

Thank you once again for your continued support!

Primary 3 Teachers

P3b.2 Local Area Projects

P3b.2 presented their local area projects in class on Friday.  The children were confident, enthusiastic and answered questions too.

The children were very keen to display their projects on our’ PROUD’ wall in class.  Well done!



Good morning!

We hope you have been enjoying using the ‘Read, Write, Count’ bags at home.  Further activities linked to these can be found here.

This week P3b.1 and P3b.2 will be again using the bingo grids in the back of their homework jotters to choose which tasks to complete. Please colour in each box when a task has been done – this lets the class teacher know what the children have been doing at home, especially if the task is an active one with no written evidence.

We are on week 12 of our spelling words using the ‘wa’ sound as in ‘was’.  These words, along with common words to be practised this week, are also glued into the children’s homework jotters. It is great to see the children’s spelling test results improving so thank you for  continuing to support your child at home in learning these.



P3b.2 Literacy Stations

P3b.2 were very busy working in their Literacy Stations this morning.

Riley and Zach were working together to match facts from their non-fiction Big Cats book to different night animals.

Charlie and Cameron were reading to each other. They boys added a lot of expression. Well done!

Rory and Georgia worked together to match word families.

Harry and Selena were sorting our rhyming words.

Selena and Hana were writing their spelling words on the big board.


P3b.1 have been learning about position and movement in numeracy. We have been learning about quarter, half, three quarter and full turns to the left and right. Some of us have been using right angles to give directions and turning clockwise and anti-clockwise.

We used our knowledge to help us with coding in ICT and worked with partners in the playground, giving and following directions to reach an object in one of the boxes.

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P3b Local Area Homework Project

Good Morning!

P3b have a homework project which they will bring home in their schoolbags today.  The children have been learning about the local area in class and recently went out for a walk as far as Broom Park.

We would like the children with their families to learn something new about the local area.  All of the guidance is on the sheet which will come home today.  They may write their information, take photos or even draw a picture.

The children will present their projects in class on Friday, 22nd November.

Thank you,

P3b Teachers


As it was raining today, P3b.1 practiced yoga in the classroom for their P.E. Namaste!


Homework jotters will be sent home today. You will see from the spelling programme  that we are now on week 9. We now move on to focussing on one sound a week. You will see that some previous sounds may have been highlighted yellow/orange. These are the sounds and words that your child needs to practise some more. We may have indicated if it is reading or writing the sound. We will continue to revisit these sounds in class but you may wish to go over these at home also.

Please continue to work your way through the homework grid. There is no need to return the jotters every week, we will let you know when they have to be returned. However, if you would rather send them back every week for us to check any work in them please do so.

As always, please get in touch if there are any queries 🙂

Transient Art

P3b.1 were looking at the work of artist Andy Goldsworthy. He makes works of transient art using natural materials. Inspired by his work, we went into the playground to try to make our own. We had to use at least three different materials and colours and be able to talk about the textures of the things we had used.

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Local area walk

Today we looked at all our photos and chatted about everything we saw on our local area walk last week. We talked about all the different buildings and shops and we also spotted a post box, bridges, a burn, a bus shelter and wildlife amongst lots of other things. We also had a chat about different types of house and which type we live in.

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