P2b have been talking about what makes a good friend. We created fantastic name mats and wrote lovely comments on each other’s mats to share what we like about each other. We also created a friendship web and could see that friendship is about working together to make sure we are happy and having fun together. We used a toothpaste experiment to see how the words we use cannot be taken back in. We are working hard to use positive comments and to think before we speak so we are sharing compliments and nice words with each other.                                                                                                      

Science Week

This week we have been learning lots about science. We did a challenge to try and create a free-standing bridge using spaghetti, sellotape and art straws. It was very hard but interesting and fun! We had to work as a team to put all the pieces together. This week we also got to visit a Planetarium. We learned about Space. We saw the Moon, the Sun and lots of different planets and stars. In our class we also have a science topic to learn about Living and Non Living Things. What an exciting week!                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Homework project week beginning 11th March

Click here for task sheet – science task

Fun Run

P2b had a fab time taking part in the Fun Run on Friday despite getting very wet and muddy due to the horrible weather.  Thank you to everybody who sponsored us, we have managed to raise a lot of money for our Science garden.

P2b’s Amazing Classroom!

This week P2b have chosen different areas in our classroom to play and explore. We wanted a Science Investigation area. We have been learning about our senses and the human body in this area. We also have a puppet show area. In this area we have been making puppet shows, including a Mr Mole show and using puppets to act out our stories. Finally we have a kitchen area. We have been using role play to make food, soup, set up the kitchen and have a tea party. It has been an exciting and brilliant week in P2b!