80’s inspired Art

P3b.1 have been exploring 1980’s pop art and graffiti. We tried to copy the style of Keith Haring. He became very popular in the 1980’s when he could be found drawing on the New York subway walls and ceilings. People became used to seeing his work there. We used chalk pastels in bright colours and outlined the figures in black to create our own versions of his art. We think they look great!

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Homework Jotters

Thank you to all who returned homework jotters this morning.

We would like to update the jotters next week so please return any homework jotters which are still at home.

Thank you for your continued support!

Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year – the year of the rat – primary 3 had the chance to sample some delicious Chinese cookery. We ate noodles with vegetables and wraps and a sweet tasty sauce. A big thank you to our fantastic dinner ladies who made it for us.


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It’s Showtime!

On Monday afternoon we will be having the class auditions for The Lion King. If you have put your name forward for a part please make sure you have practised a song/dance/dialogue depending on what role you have shown an interest in. We are very much looking forward to seeing you showcase your talents!

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Welcoming A Baby

Good Morning! Primary 3b.2 are learning about how different religions welcome babies into their communities and families. If possible, could we please have some baby pictures of the children sent in for a fun guessing game and to add to our display. We promise they will be returned! Many thanks in advance 🙂

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80’s fun

P3b.1 had fun trying out some toys from the 80’s as part of our topic. We loved seeing all the items which were sent in from home. Thank you!

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P3b.1 have been learning rolls, jumps and balances in P.E. We worked with a partner to create a routine which had a starting position, two balances, two rolls, a jump and a finishing position. As an extra challenge, some of us tried to move in opposite directions during our moves.

Artists At Work

Primary 3b.2 are doing a mini topic about Scottish artists. Last week we were learning about Avril Paton and ‘Windows In The West’. Lots of children in the class recognised this print and were excited to create their own version of this iconic painting. Watch this space for more amazing art work!


Some of the children in Primary 3b.2 have been learning their multiplication tables. Please can you practise these at home as much as possible. Your child will be able to tell you what tables they have been learning.




www.mathplayground.com (try Grade 2)

Here are some good maths sites to help with this. BBC Supermovers songs are also lots of fun! Enjoy 🙂

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Phonics Assessment

We will be assessing our sounds and common words over the next couple of weeks. Could we please ask that homework jotters are sent into school by this Friday to allow us to complete this. Thank you 🙂