Den Building

P3b.1 were challenged today to build a den for a Lego figure. The den had to be built from anything which they could find on the ground. It had to have a door, a roof and not blow down when Mrs Lord huffed and puffed! The class loved this challenge, solving problems and displaying excellent teamwork throughout. Please have a look at our dens below.

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Active Spelling

Primary 3b.2 had a busy start to their week! During literacy time we were revisiting the magic e sounds and practising the ones that we found a bit tricky. We also investigated some of our new Big Cat books, we are really enjoying telling our friends what happens in the stories.

PE in the MUGA

What a beautiful day it was to get outside in the MUGA. We played a warm up game called ‘stuck in the mud’ using tennis racquets and balls. Then we did some relay races. We were focussing on teamwork, hand/eye coordination and general fitness. We finished with a game of ‘Please Mr Octopus’ – a class favourite 🙂








P3b.2 Owl Magic Visit

Primary 3 were so lucky to have a visit from Owl Magic this afternoon.  The children learned lots of facts about owls and even got the chance to hold an owl.  Enjoy looking at our photos!


French visitor

P3b.2 had the pleasure of meeting Sandrine this morning.  Sandrine teaches Primary 1 in a school in Cannes.  She came to our school to find out more about teaching in Scotland.  The children enjoyed asking Sandrine questions about the school day in France.  They were shocked to hear that children at her school only go to school 4 days per week, but thought they were better off when they heard that a typical French school day starts at 8.30am and ends at 4.30pm!

We have swapped addresses with Sandrine as we are keen to have a link with her school, ‘Ecole Eugene Vial’.

We look forward to writing letters, sending cards and finding out more about our new French friends.

Flipchart Fun!

P3b.1 had a great time using Activ inspire to create a flip chart using graphics. We used pens, highlighters, shapes and the fill tool. Some of us discovered how to move objects and use the reveal tool too!

Have a look at some of our wonderful creations.

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No problem!

P3b.1 have been writing their own word problems for others in the group to solve. Can you work out the answers?

Local Area Walk

All of P3b are hoping to go for a walk around the local area tomorrow morning, weather permitting. Can you please ensure your child is wearing a waterproof jacket and comfortable shoes?

This is covered by local area consent forms.

Thank you

Mrs Lord and Mrs Duffy.

Homework Update

This week is the last week of covering the Stage 2 programme for phonics. Next week is a consolidation/assessment week so the homework jotters will not be coming home on the 28th October as we will be updating them. Please see attached this term’s homework grid which can be started as of next week. The homework jotters will be coming home week beginning 4th November. You will then have the rest of the term to work your way through the grid and we will request the jotters in for our next consolidation week closer to the end of term. Remember any road safety posters should be returned by this Friday, the 25th.

bingo homework oct-dec



Autumn Outdoors

P3.b1 have been collecting fallen leaves and trying to identify them. We felt them behind our backs or with our eyes closed then tried to work out which one we had from the selection we had gathered.

After that we had some fun with estimation, guessing where our partner would end up after a chosen number of steps.

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