VE Day Party

To celebrate the end of our learning on WWII and Miss Barrett going off on maternity leave, we are having a VE Day Street Party tomorrow.

Please bring in an extra snack if you would like and you’re welcome to wear an accessory in the British flag colours. 🇬🇧

Looking forward to partying with you all. 🥳  🎈 🎉


Science Fair Ready

We are ready for our science fair!

We had lots of visitors and a very busy morning!

Calling all of P7a

Consolidate your CfE 2nd Level Numeracy/Maths skills this month.

Or extend your CfE 3rd Level Numeracy/Maths skills this month.

#abitofmathseveryday #littleandoften 🥉🥈🥇📅

Fact-files on a Personality in French

Today we presented our super presentations on a personality of our choice in French! Bravo!

Further Yeast Investigations

Today we did an experiment, where we put different levels of yeast and sugar in bottles to see what combinations would release the most carbon dioxide and make the balloons the biggest.

Changing the amount of sugar

We found adding more sugar didn’t make a difference but adding more yeast made a big difference.

Still expanding!

The balloons are still getting bigger and everyone in the class is excited to see how big the balloons grow over the weekend.


Yeast Investigation

Today we did a yeast investigation, to see what temperature is the optimum condition for yeast to work. We used cold water, warm water and boiling hot water.

The sugar and the yeast have started to react and the balloons are still getting filled with carbon dioxide.  Everyone in the class are  excited to see how big the balloons grow over night!

P3 Weddings

Thank you to Miss MacArthur and Miss Ali for inviting P7a to celebrate their 6 weddings.

We saw a Christian wedding, Hindu wedding and a Muslim wedding and we learnt the differences between them.

Thank you once again and I am looking forward to your wedding Miss MacArthur!

I promise not to talk. :-0

Mouldy Bread

Today we set up an experiment to see which bread will go mouldy first.

We wanted to find out if the different types of bread would make a difference.

We also changed some of the conditions so see which variable will mould first. Wet/light, wet/dark, dry/light and dry /dark.

Watch this space!

Primary 7 Show – Aladdin Costumes

Dear Parent/Carer,

You will be aware, our Primary 7 children will shortly be performing their annual show. As the show is drawing near we are seeking your support in supplying some costumes. You will find attached a list of the characters and the costumes they should wear during the performance in the hope that you can help if at all possible.

If you have difficulty sourcing any of the items that we have requested then please don’t worry at all, just let us know as soon as possible. We will of course do our very best to make sure every child has a costume to suit their part in the production.

Please send costume items in to school in a clearly labelled bag no later than

Friday 20th March.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the show. As always, thank you very much for your help and support.

Yours sincerely,

P7 Teachers


Cast Costume
Aladdin White top and leggings
Jasmine White top and leggings
Genie White long sleeved top
Jafar Black dress and red/black cloak
Iago Black t-shirt and black trousers
Sultan/Prince Abdullah White long sleeved top and harem pants/baggy trousers
Aladdin’s friends White long sleeved top and white baggy trousers/ harem pants
Princesses Lilac/purple top and lilac/purple baggy trousers/dress
Guards Black long sleeved top and black baggy trousers/ harem pants
Genie’s ensemble White long sleeved top and white baggy trousers/ harem pants
Jafar’s ensemble Black long sleeved top and black baggy trousers/ harem pants
Market Stall Owners Brown/beige long sleeved top and brown baggy trousers/ harem pants
Fortune Tellers black cloak, black trousers and black top
Spooky Voice/Cave of Wonder White long sleeved top and black trousers
Snake charmers Brown/beige long sleeved top and brown baggy trousers/ harem pants
Agrabahns Brown/beige long sleeved top and brown baggy trousers/ harem pants
Musicians Brown/ beige top long sleeved top and brown/beige baggy trousers/ harem pants
Scenic Designers/Props White long sleeved top and black trousers

P7 Show – Aladdin Vests

Dear Parent/Carer,

Your child will shortly be taking part in a school performance for P7 school show. As always we rely on your assistance to help to organise your child’s costume where possible. As part of the costume for this show, we will be making Arabian style vests which each cast member will wear. To help us to make these vests, we require your child to bring an old t-shirt to school. This t-shirt will be cut and decorated to make their own particular vest. Please only supply an old or cheap t-shirt that you are happy to be cut and sewn.

Each part of our ensemble will require a different shade of t-shirt. We have specified the colour for your child  below. If you have any problems sourcing this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will be happy to assist you.

Please can we have these in for Friday 13th March.

As always, your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

P7 Teachers


Arabian Vest Colours


Genie and Genie Ensemble – Blue

Jafar and Jafar Ensemble – Red

Agrabhans and Market people – Green

Aladdin’s Friends – Yellow

Set Designers and Guards – Black

Spooky Voice and Cave of Wonder – Black

Snake Charmers – Green

Musicians – Orange