Science Fair Ready

We are ready for our science fair!

We had lots of visitors and a very busy morning!

Primary 7 Science Fair- 3 Week Homework Project


Over the next three weeks we are undertaking a mini science project. This science project will require you to undertake a personal inquiry into something scientific that you are interested in.

First pose a research question from an area of science that you would like to find out more about.

Next you are going to try to answer your scientific question. How are you going to answer this question? You will need to undertake some research and possibly even carry out an experiment.

Please see the attached sheet for further information.

Science Mini Project

Good luck! We hope you enjoy your Science Project and we can’t wait to set up our Science Fair on Thursday 5th March!

Eventful Short Week – Creativity Challenge

P6a have been very busy this week! We had our firsr visit to Mearns Primary to begin our creativity challenge. The design brief has been set. It involves many different components. We have to design and make an outfit and accessories which has a given science focus, select music and write a script for our fashion show and produce a movie of the process! We will continue this throughout the month. Keep an eye out for photos from the the show!

Static Electricity

Today we were learning about static electricity. This force attracts and repels. We used static electricity to move cans and bubbles!



This week we have been learning about forces and gravity. We began by learning about static electricity. We have experimented with balloons and know static electricity is related to electrons and lightning is linked to it too. We will be learning more about this next week.

We learned about magnetic poles and experimented with different sizes and shapes of magnet. We know a larger magnet doesn’t mean it is stronger. Next week we will make a game using magnets.


Finally we learned about gravity. We know gravity is a force which draws objects to the centre of earth and that two objects of the same size and shape will fall at the same rate because of gravity. It doesn’t matter what weight they are! We designed parachutes using our knowledge of air resistance and gravity to see if we could safely transport mini eggs from the balcony to the atrium. Everyone tested their original design and then made improvements. We discussed our changes with different teams to help us think about why we thought our changes would make the parachute better.

We then  tested our designs twice. Some were more successful than others. Some toppled and the eggs cracked. Some had one or two eggs fall out. One parachute safely landed upright with all eggs safely intact and one box fell apart, though their parachute design was very good. All the eggs fell from quite a height!

Science Fair

Today we took part in the school science fair. This meant some of the class displayed their science presentations in the gym hall for P1-3 to see, we all visited P7 to see their wonderful interactive biology, chemistry and physics rooms and we then shared our displays with P7 when they visited us. We learned a lot and enjoyed sharing everything we have learned, so far, this year in science.

Science Week

We have had a really exciting week focusing on Science.

We started on Monday with some technology, making cardboard boats, made water resistant with tin foil, competing to hold the most weight.  Dasha, Charlotte, Zara, Melissa, Heather and Ruby crafted the winning boat. It held 1300g, (Ben said, “That’s 1.3kg!”). Well done!

On Wednesday our writing was related to topical science news. We read a few articles and related fact files. We worked on our note-taking skills and next week we will created a sci-fi story of our choosing, linked to our chosen article.

That wasn’t all! Also on Wednesday we visited a planatarium…in our gym hall! It was awesome. We learned lots about stars, which was really useful as we recently began our Space topic with Mrs Horne.

Thursday’s science was preparation for our Friday showcase. We picked our favourite topic from science so far this year, and I’m groups prepared a display to tell everyone about it. We made displays for electricity, rock types, the eye, the ear, chemical reactions, light, shadows and the planets.


On Friday we shared our knowledge and learned lots from the p7 displays which were interactive!

We had lots of fun all week!

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