Today we learned about biodiversity. We discussed the terminology for this topic – ecosystem, environment, habitat, producers, primary and secondary consumers, prey, predators, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We then looked at food chains and webs. The arrow points up the food chain showing the transfer of energy from one plant or animal to the animal eating it.

We then investigated our environment and the many ecosystems and habitats that could be found in the school. We looked for evidence of food chains and ecosystems at the banking, the scottish garden, sensory garden and around the new science garden. There are bug hotels, worm farms and ant habitats built around our school. We also found numerous insects, snails, slugs, bees, bees and little bites in leaves to show they had been eaten. We passed around the class camera recording the evidence we found.

Tomorrow’s Inventors

Today we presented our inventions and innovations to the dragons. Miss Edmonston, Mr Connor and Mrs Maxwell came to judge our inventions and pitches. Some were a bargain, too good refuse, offering over 20% of their company for only £1000, for an item they would be charging £150 for! That would make the dragons a huge profit if successful. Others priced themselves out the market looking for a slightly unrealistic ten trillion pounds investment! Over the course of the topic we researched gaps in the market and everyday problems people would like us to solve. We used a logbook to record and date all our ideas. We then checked if anything similar already existed. If it did we didn’t give up straight away, we thought about innovations to improve the existing product. We considered our target market and where our product would sell, we researched how much similar items cost and thought about our materials. Ecofriendly items were a big plus! We then created posters to advertise our product, leaflets to explain them and used our graphic skills to produce a labelled diagram to use during our dragon pitch. In the end SpecTators won, Stretchable Soccer came second and Refuse Reducer came in third. The dragons were impressed with every pitch! We all enjoyed the topic, especially the celebration afterwards.


This week we began one of our most important, responsible roles for primary 7…we met our P1 buddies! We worked hard on our buddy booklets, writing about ourselves, P1a’s teachers and life at Kirkhill. Then we took them to give to our buddies so they could read them if they ever worry about starting big school over the summer. We got to know our buddies and showed them how lunch works at Kirkhill. It was a but busy as they all had an adult there too but they all had a great time and left happy. We can’t wait to help them settle in August!


We have been having lots of fun in Bikeability. We have learning lots of manouveres. Like left turns and right turns. Or passing parked cars and u-turns. We have also been allowed to try different roads and junctions. With cars behind us some of the time to realize how safe you have to be. We just started doing u-turns when it was a clear road. You have to make sure your bike is completely safe by doing a M-check. A M-check is a series of tests your bike has to go through before riding on a road.For you to understand bikeability you have to practice at home. You try busy roads nd not so busy roads you you get a taster of whats its like too ride on the road. If its raining we still have to still do bikeability, which is quite disappointing. Here are some photos:

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