Safina Mazhar

A huge thank you to the lovely Safina for visiting our classroom and inspiring us to read and write.

Lots of children were showing an interest in the books, these can be purchased directly from the author at a discounted rate if you wish. She is selling them at:

  • All three for £25
  • £30 including ‘The Elementals’

Please let me know and I can facilitate.

Otherwise her direct email:

Happy reading! 🙂

Author Visit

Primary 7 were very fortunate to be visited by a local author called SF Mazhar. She is the author of the Power of Four series and The Elementals.

She gave us an insight on how she was inspired through her Fan Fiction writing online.


Today we engaged in some circle time using M&Ms to lead our discussion.

Creating our Adverts

Advertising Lesson 26/11/2019

Today we are going to be looking at adverts and creating our own advert for our P7 Christmas Fayre stall on Friday.

With your partners, discuss these adverts and on your whiteboards write down:

  1. What do you like/dislike about these adverts?
  2. How do they persuade you?

(Think about catchy slogans, emotive language, rhetorical questions and exaggeration.)





Our Finished Books

We enjoyed creating our books, we wrote a variety of fairy tales with a twist.

We loved sharing them  this morning with P3, Miss McArthur and Miss Ali. We are looking forward to reading them with our P1 buddies later this afternoon.

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Mini Debates

This morning we engaged in a mini debate in preparation for our Lord Provost debate.

The motion was: Primary 7 should get to sit benches on at assembly.


We started our P7 Masterclasses today and were using our numeracy skills to plan a holiday for a family of 4. We were able to understand and explain the importance of budgeting when planning a holiday . We compared costs and choose what to purchase within our £800 budget!

Welcome to P7a

Today we were working on our communication skills.  Our task was to lower the cane as a group. We felt challenged because there was lots of blaming within the group and people were not co-operating during the task.

We soon realised that to be successful, we need to be working as a team. We will persevere and try this activity again.


Tomorrow’s Inventors

Today we presented our inventions and innovations to the dragons. Miss Edmonston, Mr Connor and Mrs Maxwell came to judge our inventions and pitches. Some were a bargain, too good refuse, offering over 20% of their company for only £1000, for an item they would be charging £150 for! That would make the dragons a huge profit if successful. Others priced themselves out the market looking for a slightly unrealistic ten trillion pounds investment! Over the course of the topic we researched gaps in the market and everyday problems people would like us to solve. We used a logbook to record and date all our ideas. We then checked if anything similar already existed. If it did we didn’t give up straight away, we thought about innovations to improve the existing product. We considered our target market and where our product would sell, we researched how much similar items cost and thought about our materials. Ecofriendly items were a big plus! We then created posters to advertise our product, leaflets to explain them and used our graphic skills to produce a labelled diagram to use during our dragon pitch. In the end SpecTators won, Stretchable Soccer came second and Refuse Reducer came in third. The dragons were impressed with every pitch! We all enjoyed the topic, especially the celebration afterwards.