Pascal’s Triangle

Today we did some problem solving involving the Pascal’s triangle. We used a variety of problem solving strategies to solve the problems:

  • Act out the situation
  • Look for a pattern

We learned about triangular number, tetrahedron numbers and square based numbers.

We then learned ways to work out many real-life scenarios using the Pascal’s triangle. For example choosing a set number of books or balls from a pile. We were blown away!

Calling all of P7a

Consolidate your CfE 2nd Level Numeracy/Maths skills this month.

Or extend your CfE 3rd Level Numeracy/Maths skills this month.

#abitofmathseveryday #littleandoften 🥉🥈🥇📅

Welcome February

**CALLING ALL P7a Pupils** Consolidate your  2nd Level numeracy and mathematics skills.

Challenge yourself with 3rd level numeracy and mathematics skills.

#abitofmathseveryday #littleandoften 🥉🥈🥇

See You Next Decade!🤗

Teamwork makes the dream work!
This is just a little note to say a huge THANK YOU for the lovely presents you all gave me. It was very kind and generous of you. I am so touched!😇

Also a big THANK YOU to the most amazing people in my P7a Kirkhill family, you make my job feel like a hobby!🙌

You have worked super hard this term and I am looking forward to a fabulous new term.🤩

I wish you and your family lots of festive fun and a very happy and well deserved holiday!💝

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!🎄

Many, many thanks again.🥰


Mrs Hussain

P.S. If you fancy some X-Maths over the holidays, enjoy! 🔽

X-Maths Quiz

And it’s a wrap!

What an amazing afternoon! A huge THANK YOU to our fabulous families for coming to our P7 Christmas Fayre and contributing to the success.

We have made a profit of over £1000!

The children worked so hard and we are so proud. Looking forward to planning our fun day out.

Thank you once again!

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Maths Games

Playing with the games we made for our Maths Week Scotland homework task and having fun along the way!

Money Advice Scotland

Today we had a special guest from Money Advice Scotland visit our classroom. She told us all about budgeting and we used this knowledge to plan a party for 20 people. We also took part in a money quiz!


Speed Distance and Time

Today in maths we were learning about speed, distance and time. We measured our track to find our distance of  90 metres. We then recorded 3 attempts  and worked out our average time. Finally we used this to work out our speed using the formula S=D/T.



We started our P7 Masterclasses today and were using our numeracy skills to plan a holiday for a family of 4. We were able to understand and explain the importance of budgeting when planning a holiday . We compared costs and choose what to purchase within our £800 budget!