Homework Challenge

P6a have discussed the homework they will be completing when they return from the break. This is to be competed between the 15th and 26th of April.

You will receive the resources you require for your competition entries on Monday 15/4/19. You can find more information about the Braw Lunch Brake Challenge below:

Braw Lunch Brake Challenge


Static Electricity

Today we were learning about static electricity. This force attracts and repels. We used static electricity to move cans and bubbles!


Brexit Debate

In class, to complete our Election Fever topic, we had a Brexit debate as it was very topical. We set up our tables and chairs like they do in parliament. There were three sides, remain , leave and undecided. We had lots of fun discussing if we should leave or we should stay. Niamh started the debate by reading her speech and said this all started with the country voting whether we should stay or leave. She told us the results in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and some of the pros and cons.  Then Cameron protested against staying in the E.U. and give us reasons why to leave. He talked about  regaining control of our borders and the poverty levels in our country being a priority. After that we came to issues such as the Irish border, trade, migration and more. Here are some pictures from our debate:


On Monday we brought our bikes in to be checked before we begin bikeability. We learned about the M check, starting at the front tyre, up to th handle bars and breaks, down to the pedals and chain, up to the seat and back down to the front tyre. We also checked our helmet size and that they were correctly fitted. If we have things to fix we were given a checklist away with us. We are looking forward to starting after the holidays!


This week we have been learning about forces and gravity. We began by learning about static electricity. We have experimented with balloons and know static electricity is related to electrons and lightning is linked to it too. We will be learning more about this next week.

We learned about magnetic poles and experimented with different sizes and shapes of magnet. We know a larger magnet doesn’t mean it is stronger. Next week we will make a game using magnets.


Finally we learned about gravity. We know gravity is a force which draws objects to the centre of earth and that two objects of the same size and shape will fall at the same rate because of gravity. It doesn’t matter what weight they are! We designed parachutes using our knowledge of air resistance and gravity to see if we could safely transport mini eggs from the balcony to the atrium. Everyone tested their original design and then made improvements. We discussed our changes with different teams to help us think about why we thought our changes would make the parachute better.

We then  tested our designs twice. Some were more successful than others. Some toppled and the eggs cracked. Some had one or two eggs fall out. One parachute safely landed upright with all eggs safely intact and one box fell apart, though their parachute design was very good. All the eggs fell from quite a height!

Election Fever

This week was Ballot Week in P6a. The candidates had written their manifestoes, presented them and produced their own election marketing material such as rosettes and posters, before a final question and answer session with the electorate. The admin team made a ballot box, polling station and voting slips for the big day. 

Heather was successful in winning the election and was named Class President Heather. She won following a campaign which focused on allowing the class to sit with friends until Easter, ensuring a fairer allocation of the p6 muga time for all the class, maintaining the class pencil drawer and a pledge to set up a class forum for discussing any issues which arise over a week.

Well done to Heather, her campaign manager Abby, all involved in the campaigns and the election preparation!


Congratulations P6a! You finished this week in 8th place overall, out of 111 East Renfrewshire classes that competed and qualified to enter . Your average score was 850! Wonderful work!

Abby’s final position was actually joint 7th place with three pupils from other schools, with 985/1000. Great work, Abby! Tom was joint 14th in the authority and Cameron was joint 42nd with 981 and 954, respectively. As you can see the competition was stiff! There were 2739 pupils competing so this is quite an achievement!

Next time we compete it will be a national contest with 1450 classes currently entered. As always there are 1000 questions, aimed at your level, and accuracy is key. If we all answer our 1000 questions we can climb even further up the table as the score is a class average for correct calculations, no matter how many you answerred. Last year Mrs Horne and Mrs Jamieson’s class won access to all areas of sumdog, not only maths, which was an exciting tool for their class to use while learning in P7.

Mark the 3rd – 9th of May in your diaries!

Science Fair

Today we took part in the school science fair. This meant some of the class displayed their science presentations in the gym hall for P1-3 to see, we all visited P7 to see their wonderful interactive biology, chemistry and physics rooms and we then shared our displays with P7 when they visited us. We learned a lot and enjoyed sharing everything we have learned, so far, this year in science.

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