Science Week

We have had a really exciting week focusing on Science.

We started on Monday with some technology, making cardboard boats, made water resistant with tin foil, competing to hold the most weight.  Dasha, Charlotte, Zara, Melissa, Heather and Ruby crafted the winning boat. It held 1300g, (Ben said, “That’s 1.3kg!”). Well done!

On Wednesday our writing was related to topical science news. We read a few articles and related fact files. We worked on our note-taking skills and next week we will created a sci-fi story of our choosing, linked to our chosen article.

That wasn’t all! Also on Wednesday we visited a planatarium…in our gym hall! It was awesome. We learned lots about stars, which was really useful as we recently began our Space topic with Mrs Horne.

Thursday’s science was preparation for our Friday showcase. We picked our favourite topic from science so far this year, and I’m groups prepared a display to tell everyone about it. We made displays for electricity, rock types, the eye, the ear, chemical reactions, light, shadows and the planets.


On Friday we shared our knowledge and learned lots from the p7 displays which were interactive!

We had lots of fun all week!

Sumdog Update

We are now in 8th position in the East Renfrrewshire contest.  Congratulations to Abby who has completed 1000 questions and is currently in 8th position overall with 985 correct answers! There is still time to climb up the leaderboard. The contest ends at 8pm tonight. Good luck!


Today we visited a planetarium in our gym hall. Continuing the Science Week theme of journeys we went on a journey to the moon in the past, the moon in the future, the stars, Mars and Jupiter. This was very interesting as we have recently completed research projects on a planet from our solar system. We also posed a question we were interested in, and then found the answer to share with the class.

“The pictures are quite dark because the planetarium had to be dark so you could see all the stars and planets.” Heather

“Light pollution from street lights makes it hard to see the stars so we can only see the brightest when we are outside.” Ayah

“If you go to the countryside you can see more stars.” Emily


Below is a picture of Jupiter.

“It is the biggest planet in the solar system. It was Steve’s favourite planet (The man who ran the planetarium) because it is interesting.” Dasha.

“It is the King of the Planets.” Heather


Below are pictures of Jupiter’s moons. “These were the first four to be discovered. They were discovered by Galileo Galilei.” Sonny

“He saw them first because they were the biggest.” Tom

“This shows the orbit of the four moons.” Cameron

“The big red spot is a storm that has been going on for a long time.” Adam

“”You could fit three Earth’s in it side by side.” Tom

“The red colour comes from the gases.” Max

“This is Roz the explorer that will be sent to Mars.” Abby

“It will take 6 months to get there and then it will dig down to see if there is life underneath.” Tom

“Once it gets to Mars it will stay there. It will send pictures and information back.” Emily

“It can identify life on the planet(biological matter).” Adam


“This is a footprint on the moon. It was made by Neil Armstrong. He was the first man to step on the moon.” Ayah

“It will have happened 50 years ago on the 20th to the 21st of July” Lewis

“When Neil Armstrong went on the moon he was joined by Buzz Aldrin.” Adam

“Michael Collins was there too but he stayed on the shuttle. Someone always stays on the rocket.” Reuben

“12 people have seen Earth while standing on the moon.” Lewis

We all enjoyed the experience.

“It felt like you were moving when you watched it” Hannah

“I liked when we saw the future moon. He said that in the future people might be able to live on the moon. It had big solar panels and garden areas.” Alasdair

“I liked the star constellations” Aaliyah

“I liked the idea of all the people visiting the moon” Irina

It was a great day!

Sumdog – Wednesday

This week we are participating in the ‘East Renfrewshire Sumdog Challenge’. P6a are currently sitting in 10th postion with an average score of over 300 points! Keep it up!


In class we have been learning about Victorians.  We learnt about the Victorian timeline, we went on a school trip to the  Scotland Steet museum we also did a presentation in group about different topics in Victorian times. I was in fashion. We drew Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale,a chimney sweep, a maid and a factory worker.

When we went to the Scotland Street museum we wrote the Victorian alphabet out with a pen and an ink well  and learnt about Vctorian money. Ailis wore the dunce’s hat. The teacher was very scary and she whacked Emily’s table with the belt.

Our P6a Coke and Mentos Experiment

In P6a we have been busy we have been doing some experiments! The coke and mentos eruption, browning apples and  also…dancing raisins.

Each time we did the coke experiments we changed our variable.  It was very intriguing. After we had done the experiments we all went into groups. One was looking at different types of cokes, another one was the different types of mentos, there were two more  groups. In our groups we made bar charts and information boxes telling the person who was reading our poster about what we were doing.  We drew the graphs but also made them on computers using excel. This was very confusing because we have had to learn something new but it was great fun! We also wrote a report about it in our writing jotters and stuck in some charts in the results section.

The dancing raisins were hilarious because they just kept jumping up because when Alka Seltzer was added to water it produced gas which attached to the raisins and made them go up and down. We wrote a report in our writing jotters, but with less help this time. It was very enjoyable!

The Last Monster In Scotland Show

Our school show was The Last Monster In Scotland. It was about Nessie, of course, but there were evil scientists trying to destroy Nessie’s legend. There were guardians of Nessie’s legend, reporters struggling to get their news paper up and running, some annoying American tourists complaining about everything and the tale of McPhee and Agnes’ heartbrake. Two reporters saw Nessis and exposed a fake scientist trying to destroy the legend of the loch!


Making Soup And Pizza

In class we made soup and pizza.In the soup we cubed potatoes, cut onions, peeled carrots and then we chopped them too. We also put in stock pots and carefully cleaned lentils. Then we stirred it. For the pizza we had groups. We had flour and we made dough. We put it in a tray, covered it and left it for a while. My group put sweetcorn, mozzarella and some normal cheese on top. We put in the oven and waited. When it was done it looked so good and it was better than Dominoes. My group was proud of our pizza.