Make It Happen App Competition

The overall winner was from P7 and we have a runner up in our class.

Aladdin Vest Making

Aladdin vests are under construction…


World of Work week-Homework 16th March

Please feel free to use the sheets below or be creative and use your own ideas and questions.

March 16th Homework

Dreams and Aspirations

My Ideal Job

Job Interview

CV Template

Job Description

What Are My Qualities and Skills Activity Sheet

Tallest Freestanding Tower Challenge

Challenge- To build the tallest freestanding tower in 25 minutes using 20 stick of spaghetti, 1 metre of tape and 1 metre of string.

Problem-The tower has to hold a marshmallow at the top.

We used teamwork, communication, co-operation and various problem solving strategies to create the most successful tower.

The winning tower was…….41 cm tall!

The winning team 🙂

Personality Presentation in French

We are challenging ourselves in P7a this morning to choose a  famous personality and create a presentation on them in French.

We are including the following information:



Where they live


Family members


Likes and dislikes (food / sport / music etc…)

We are looking forward to presenting them to our class in the coming weeks!



Technology Challenge

The winning house for P7 was Skye for the technology challenge last week!

Busy Little Elves

P7a are busy preparing their Christmas stockings.

Allies and Axis

Primary 7 are learning about leaders from World War II. We used our I.C.T. time to research the leaders from all the different countries at that time.


Today we learned about biodiversity. We discussed the terminology for this topic – ecosystem, environment, habitat, producers, primary and secondary consumers, prey, predators, herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We then looked at food chains and webs. The arrow points up the food chain showing the transfer of energy from one plant or animal to the animal eating it.

We then investigated our environment and the many ecosystems and habitats that could be found in the school. We looked for evidence of food chains and ecosystems at the banking, the scottish garden, sensory garden and around the new science garden. There are bug hotels, worm farms and ant habitats built around our school. We also found numerous insects, snails, slugs, bees, bees and little bites in leaves to show they had been eaten. We passed around the class camera recording the evidence we found.

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