Aladdin Vest Making

Aladdin vests are under construction…


World of Work week-Homework 16th March

Please feel free to use the sheets below or be creative and use your own ideas and questions.

March 16th Homework

Dreams and Aspirations

My Ideal Job

Job Interview

CV Template

Job Description

What Are My Qualities and Skills Activity Sheet

Sports Relief Fun

We had fun during our sport relief fun day!

Tallest Freestanding Tower Challenge

Challenge- To build the tallest freestanding tower in 25 minutes using 20 stick of spaghetti, 1 metre of tape and 1 metre of string.

Problem-The tower has to hold a marshmallow at the top.

We used teamwork, communication, co-operation and various problem solving strategies to create the most successful tower.

The winning tower was…….41 cm tall!

The winning team 🙂

Bouncy Egg

Today we went out to bounce eggs as a continuation from our science fair last week.

Pascal’s Triangle

Today we did some problem solving involving the Pascal’s triangle. We used a variety of problem solving strategies to solve the problems:

  • Act out the situation
  • Look for a pattern

We learned about triangular number, tetrahedron numbers and square based numbers.

We then learned ways to work out many real-life scenarios using the Pascal’s triangle. For example choosing a set number of books or balls from a pile. We were blown away!

Easter Code

P7 are having the best time at their Easter Code trip. Learning so much about the story of Easter.


The adults are loving life too and being totally spoiled with lots of yummy          goodies.

Thank you so much for having us!


VE Day Party

We have had the best VE day party today.  We took part in a quiz to demonstrate our learning of our WWII topic.

Look out for the winners! 🏆🥇🥈🥉

We also bid  farewell to Miss Barrett, who is going off on maternity leave to have her baby. We wish you all the best in the coming weeks and we are looking forward to baby cuddles. 👶 🍼

We will miss you! 🥰


Safina Mazhar

A huge thank you to the lovely Safina for visiting our classroom and inspiring us to read and write.

Lots of children were showing an interest in the books, these can be purchased directly from the author at a discounted rate if you wish. She is selling them at:

  • All three for £25
  • £30 including ‘The Elementals’

Please let me know and I can facilitate.

Otherwise her direct email:

Happy reading! 🙂

Author Visit

Primary 7 were very fortunate to be visited by a local author called SF Mazhar. She is the author of the Power of Four series and The Elementals.

She gave us an insight on how she was inspired through her Fan Fiction writing online.