Primary 7 Science Fair- 3 Week Homework Project


Over the next three weeks we are undertaking a mini science project. This science project will require you to undertake a personal inquiry into something scientific that you are interested in.

First pose a research question from an area of science that you would like to find out more about.

Next you are going to try to answer your scientific question. How are you going to answer this question? You will need to undertake some research and possibly even carry out an experiment.

Please see the attached sheet for further information.

Science Mini Project

Good luck! We hope you enjoy your Science Project and we can’t wait to set up our Science Fair on Thursday 5th March!

My week

On Monday, we went to Reading buddies for 10 minutes then, we did some French and we learnt subjects until break time. After break we did some more learning until lunch and did more learning  until it was home time. On Tuesday we went on our trip to Calderwood Lodge primary school, it was very interesting and also very sad to hear about some of the stories. When we arrived back at school we did some learning until lunch, and after we did some PE till the end of the day. On Wednesday we went to Reading buddies then we did some learning until break and then we did more until lunch. After lunch, we went to assembly until the end of the day. On Thursday we did some learning until break, after break we did show practice until lunch. After lunch we went to assembly again. On Friday we were off for an in service day. We didn’t do much except go to swimming in the evening. On Saturday I went to the shops with my mum and then had a friend over. On Sunday I had another friend over and went to my grans for dinner.

My February Weekend

At the February Weekend I went to London. We entered the train station in the morning and arrived in London late afternoon. After we checked into our hotel room we went out to dinner at a place called ‘Gourmet Pizza’ After that we were going to see Matilda the musical and we were all excited. The next morning we travelled by tube to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. On are penultimate day we went to the Imperial War Museum. The main display we wanted to see was the Holocaust which spanned to 2 out of the 5 floors, and I found the experience very harrowing. We came back by train by the East Coast to Edinburgh instead of the West Coast to Glasgow due to Storm Ciara. I had an incredible February weekend and hope everyone else’s was fun.

By Abby

my February weekend

My February weekend was so great I went to stay the weekend in Edinburgh. On Friday I went to see the lion king in theatres and it was AMAZING!! the costumes and acting was fabulous.

Saturday: we went swimming in the hotel and went out to get me and my sister a new clothes and a new jacket.

Sunday: we went to the Edinburgh dungeons and I was so scared one of the ladies came right up to my face and all the others gathered around me but it was really really amazing  I had a lot of fun that day.

I had such a great February weekend

~hannah 🙂

Our Little Soldier

This weekend I went to an antique fair and I bought this helmet.

It is a British helmet  from the Korean War.  😊

My Week By Reuben

Monday: In the morning we did reading buddies for ten minutes, then came back and did some french. After break we did maths, learning how to do ratio. Following lunch, we went on stage to practice our school show, Aladdin.

Tuesday: Straight after we came into school, we left to go to Caulderwood Lodge, as we were invited to learn more about what happened and real life experiences of peoples parents that later came to Scotland after the war. I found this very interesting but sad at the same time. We came back before lunch. After lunch we went outside for P.E. to practise our striking and fielding.

Wednesday: We did reading buddies in the morning, following show practice until break. After that we did some comprehension on John Lennon till lunch. After lunch we went to our pupil groups and then got out for some fresh air, which was a treat.

Thursday: In the morning we practiced sports in french and how to say them till break. After break we did some practised some songs for show practise till lunch. After lunch we went to assembly then we got out for some ‘possession games’ (free play)

My Week at School

This week at school it was a four day week as we were off on Friday. The best part of the week was the Calderwood Lodge trip. On the trip we spoke to many different people who knew or were related to someone during the war. My favourite person to talk to was the last man. He told us some very interesting facts about his dads war days. He also explained what no mans land means. He explained it very well.

On Thursday we had a very enjoyable song practice for our school show Aladdin.

In summary I really enjoyed my week at school.


By Emily

My February Weekend!!

My February weekend  was very inactive. This was the case because I was trying to rest up my knee and the weather was pretty poor as well. Of course, the only thing I’ve wanted for the last few months was snow, and it comes the week I’m injured leading me to not be able to go out and play and have fun!

However, some friends made that frown turn upside down, by playing with me on Xbox and coming round to my house for a few laughs!😂

Gathering the Voices

We were very lucky to be invited to Calderwood Lodge Primary School to learn more about the Holocaust. We met some wonderful people with real life stories of the Kinder Transport and Auschwitz.

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It was a very harrowing experience.