My Week By Reuben

Monday: In the morning we did reading buddies for ten minutes, then came back and did some french. After break we did maths, learning how to do ratio. Following lunch, we went on stage to practice our school show, Aladdin.

Tuesday: Straight after we came into school, we left to go to Caulderwood Lodge, as we were invited to learn more about what happened and real life experiences of peoples parents that later came to Scotland after the war. I found this very interesting but sad at the same time. We came back before lunch. After lunch we went outside for P.E. to practise our striking and fielding.

Wednesday: We did reading buddies in the morning, following show practice until break. After that we did some comprehension on John Lennon till lunch. After lunch we went to our pupil groups and then got out for some fresh air, which was a treat.

Thursday: In the morning we practiced sports in french and how to say them till break. After break we did some practised some songs for show practise till lunch. After lunch we went to assembly then we got out for some ‘possession games’ (free play)