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Mrs Gray’s retirement

Mrs Gray has retired after working in Uplawmoor Primary for 18 short years.  The whole school put on a show which celebrated Mrs Gray’s retirement.  We sang some songs and the P7s shared their favourite memories of Mrs Gray.  The instrumentalists played some of Mrs Gray’s favourite music, including Katie’s version of Titanic.  To top it off, the Glee club performed ‘Time of your Life’ as a tribute to her imaginary boyfriend (Patrick Swayze

Mrs Gray gave P6/7 and P4/5 a tub of chocolates and P1-3 received a box of Haribos.  We had a wonderful afternoon and we hope Mrs Gray and her family enjoyed themselves.

We will miss you Mrs Gray!   By Luca P7

Flu Jag

Some of the children in Uplawmoor Primary received the flu immunisation today.  It wasn’t a needle, it was a spray I had to put up my nose!  I took the capsule off and put it to my nostril.  I held my head back and pushed the plunger back.  I then had to do it in my other nostril.  It felt really weird but I’m glad I did it and I think it’s worked!

By Rob P6

Save the Children Presentation

Mrs Strang, who works for an organisation called ‘Save the Children’, came to talk to the pupils today.   Save the Children works in 120 countries and work hard to save children’s lives. This organisation fights for children’s rights and help them fulfil their potential

I found the assembly very interesting becuase we learned about the children in different countries who are malnourished and do not have access to food and water.    I saw some pictures of a child who was 12 years old, but he looked very young and small because he does not get enough food to eat.

For more information go to

By Dylan P4

New Campus Policeman

Today PC Lindsay, the new campus policeman for Eastwood High School, came to P6/7 to talk about cyber bullying, bullying and what the police do.  We learned about the different animals and vehicles the police use.  We also learned the police alphabet and how they have a word for each letter, for example, A for alpha and B for bravo.

By Rob and Luca

The Mrs Gray countdown begins…

So, it is with a tear in our eye that we begin the 3 week countdown to Mrs Gray’s retiral.   We can’t quite believe she is going!  She will be missed by staff, pupils and friends of the school.  

Please come and share your favourite Mrs Gray memory with the website committee and we will post them here.


My favourite memory was the ‘Burnt Quiche’ incident. Mrs Gray was having quiche for lunch and burnt it in the oven! Next thing the fire alarm was going off throughout the school and the fire brigade even had to come!

I will miss you Mrs Gray.

By Innes


I will always remember when Mrs Gray burnt the quiche she had brought for lunch causing the evacuation of the whole school and the arrival of the fire brigade!

You didn’t seem to learn from your mistake because you did it again this year but this time it was the toast!

I will miss you and all of your funny stories.

Happy retirement Mrs Gray!

By Bobbi


To begin with I was so scared about coming into Mrs Gray’s class but now I really don’t know why? Mrs Gray makes me laugh and giggle. She has helped me to learn all that I need to from the start of primary 6 until now. Whenever I need someone to talk to she always makes time for me. Mrs Gray I am going to miss you so much, we all will!

I hope you have a very happy retirement!

By Erin


The boys and girls of Uplawmoor Primary School are all members of a school committee.  Each committee meet on a Tuesday where children have the opportunity to work with a member of staff to discuss ideas linking to their committee and plan upcoming events.  This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to raise the profile of the school and lead us towards excellence.

The website committee are in charge of keeping our website up to date so please come and speak to Ruby, Jack (M), Jack (W), Christopher, Dylan, Rob or Luca if your class are doing something exciting and we will happily put it on the website!

School Lunchtime clubs

Our lunchtime clubs are busy as usual!  The children have been busy at badminton club on a Monday and Wednesday lunchtime with Mrs Kolasinsky.  Gardening club is taking place every playtime and lunchtime with Mrs Waters.  The mini kickers team are here on a Tuesday after school for Primary 1-3.   Glee club will be starting next week and I am looking for song suggestions. Unfortunately my ankle is still not 100%, so I hope to start our street dance club in the new term (even if it does mean a bit of chair dancing from me!)    Mrs Tait will also be starting a mini-movie club next week with Primary 4/5 to prepare video footage for their class assembly.  Busy busy busy!


Mrs Zoe Brook (Eva’s mum) kindly took the time to visit our school today to discuss the views of the pupils regarding the village and ways in which it could be improved.  This was carried out  in conjunction with a village questionnaire which was sent out to all residents.  The results will be collated and our findings will be published in due course.  Our pupils came up with some superb ideas including drainage in the park, football nets, a village shop and a train station.

Meet the Teacher

Parents are welcome to come along to the school at 7.30pm on Monday 2nd September to our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and have a look at the various resources we use in numeracy and language.   We look forward to seeing you then.

Action on Hearing Loss

On Wednesday 28th August, an organisation called ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ came to visit our school.  We learned all about how our ears work and how to reduce the risk of noise damage.  The children took part in an experiment which demonstrated what it would be like to have damaged hearing.  This highlighted how important it is to look after your ears!  Remember “the only thing you should put in your ear…. is your elbow!”