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Mrs Zoe Brook (Eva’s mum) kindly took the time to visit our school today to discuss the views of the pupils regarding the village and ways in which it could be improved.  This was carried out  in conjunction with a village questionnaire which was sent out to all residents.  The results will be collated and our findings will be published in due course.  Our pupils came up with some superb ideas including drainage in the park, football nets, a village shop and a train station.

Meet the Teacher

Parents are welcome to come along to the school at 7.30pm on Monday 2nd September to our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening.  This is an excellent opportunity to meet the staff and have a look at the various resources we use in numeracy and language.   We look forward to seeing you then.

Action on Hearing Loss

On Wednesday 28th August, an organisation called ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ came to visit our school.  We learned all about how our ears work and how to reduce the risk of noise damage.  The children took part in an experiment which demonstrated what it would be like to have damaged hearing.  This highlighted how important it is to look after your ears!  Remember “the only thing you should put in your ear…. is your elbow!”