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Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor learning is important for the development of all children.

Click on the link for some ideas to promote learning outdoors. 

• Learning outside the classroom supports the development of healthy and active lifestyles by offering children opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being.

• Learning outside the classroom gives children contact with the natural world and offers them experiences that are
unique to outdoors, such as direct contact with the weather and the seasons.

• Playing and learning outside also helps children to understand and respect nature and the environment.

• Outdoor play also supports children’s problem-solving skills and nurtures their creativity, as well as providing rich
opportunities for their developing imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness.

Outdoor Learning Week

We are all looking forward to the Outdoor Learning week organised by Mrs McKinnon and Miss McAllister.

We are excited about taking part in activities in school and further afield. Pupils will take part in some of the activities listed below.

  1. School visit to Lochwinnoch Nature Reserve to do Pond-dipping. (Monday-Wednesday)
  2. WhiteLee Rangers visiting the school to do sensory activities and art activities inspired by the environment. (Thursday)
  3. RSPB working with Loch Ness wing to do Mini-Beast Hunting (Friday)
  4. Senior Pupils doing litter picking. (Friday)

Empty Classroom Day

Thank you to everyone who took apart in our empty classroom day to inspire learning and play outside.

Every class took part throughout the day and we had
various activities planned.  We had football training with Ross from
Giffnock Soccer Club, bug hunting,  fire pit and loads more.

Thankfully the sun was shining and we all explored our
outdoor environment, learning and having fun at the same time.

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Outdoor Learning

Class Tiree spent some time learning outdoors this morning working with some of the parents from our Ground Force team as they were working in the sensory garden.

Before the holidays they had planted some seeds and now it was  time to harvest them.

Everyone had a taste of the peas and now they are going to  research some pea recipes for next week.



Outdoor Learning

Minibeasts Hunt

It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and Class Tiree and Whalsay  decided to go on an adventure, looking for minibeasts in the school grounds.

They found a ladybird, some worms, spiders, bees, beetles, centipede and slugs and snails, all very exciting!

They then looked at their minibeasts  through magnifying glasses and recorded our Mairwaves blog.


Outdoor Learning

Bug Hunting @ IMS

Today we are joined by Joanne from the Open Air Laboratories who has come into school to run sessions with our pupils, about insects within our vast school grounds.

Primary classes will be putting on their raincoats and welly boots  to explore the grounds to see what bugs they can find and then hopefully match the bugs to charts.

The senior classes will be learning about worms and their habitats.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning at IMS

Classes Cumbrae, Arran, Sanda and Bute took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and moved their classrooms outdoors. 

Some classes were participating in games and others were experiencing the wonder of nature and caring for their environment, looking after the plants in the sensory garden. 


I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.
SOC 0-08a

I am learning to use my body well, exploring how to manage and control it and find out how to use and share space.
HWB 0-21a


50 things to do outdoors……….

Outdoor Learning

This morning we were delighted to welcome Mrs Mhairi Shaw, our new Director of Education to the school for the official launch our new project,  50 Things to do outdoors before you leave Isobel Mair School.

This project was developed by the Eco Commitee as part of our Outdoor Learning.

Every pupil will be given a booklet to work through with specific outdoor learning tasks and when they leave school, this will be part of their record of achievement.

Before the official launch of the project, Mrs Shaw was delighted to watch an outdoor learning performance of “Room on a Broom”. Pupils from Class Staffa were the characters from the story and the pupils from Class Orkney were magnificent with the voice overs and special effects.

Have a look at some of the photgraphs below.

50 Things

Members of our Eco Committee