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Communication Club Spooky Spectacular

Halloween Spooky Spectacular

Join the communication club for an evening of spooky spectualr events on Monday 30th october .

We  will have a spooky story,  ghoulish games, and wicked writing!

Parents, carers and siblings are very welcome to join us for some fun activivites.

We look forward to seeing you.

AAC Communication Club

All welcome to the final AAC communication  club of this session, Thursday 16th June at 6.30pm.

Join us for a special interactive messy story surprise…………

Families and siblings welcome


Communication Club

Our next AAC Communication Club will take place on Thursday 11th May at 6:30pm.

Love and families are the theme for this week.

We are going to look at the story “93 in my family” and  then will play a game, make a card for a family member and finish off with some chart writing.

We hope you can come along for a fun evening.


Singing Hands

The wonderful Singing Hands duo are in the process of making some new material for older students.  A great idea for
birthday or Christmas gifts.

All our staff and pupils love watching the duo in action and love to see new songs when they appear.I’m writing about a Singing Hands Pledge Campaign that we have launched to create a fresh
and contemporary album and DVD of popular songs for older children/teenagers and adults who use MAKATON.

Tracy and I are well known for the workshops we offer and the
Early Years/schools resources that we created.  But we now want
to create a DVD and CD album featuring popular hit songs based
on the theme of friendship and happiness for older
children who are transitioning away from nursery rhymes, young people & adults.  We are making this DVD is association with the Makaton Charity and we will be raising funds for them via royalities, plus there is also a fund-raising element as part of our pledge – 5% of the proceeds will be donated to the Down’s Syndrome Association.

The songs feature fantastic vocabulary with relevant concepts, great melodies and interesting new signs and will appeal to ALL
your students/clients (and the parents/carers will LOVE the
new songs too!!).  The songs will provide a refreshing new
repetoire to engage and motivate their children and develop
their communication in new ways.  The music will be
re-arranged in tempos and keys that are accessible for the
majority of people to join in – we will not be lip-syncing to
the original material.  The resources will be available as
physical products or can be downloaded on iPads/tablets.
Perhaps those of you working in schools could include this information in your school newsletter / Parentmail?

BUT……..(there’s always a but!) we are crowd-funding in order
to make this resource – the families/practitioners won’t be
donating to us, they will simply need to pre-order the item (or book one of the Pledge Experiences) to support us.  We only have until Midnight on June 17th to hit our target or this will not get made.  Please help and pre-order yourselves too TODAY!


AAC Communication Club

The AAC Communication Club will take place this Thursday, 30th March at 6:15 – 8:15pm.

For one week only, the club will take place in the Cara playroom in the Family Centre due to maintenance work taking place in school.

Easter activities and “A Squash and a Squeeze ” story book will be the theme for this week.

Communication Club

Communication club will take place Thursday  9th February from 6:30-7:30pm.

“Getting to know you” is the theme with songs, rhymes, stories & ALDs (Aided language Displays)

We look forward to seeing you.