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mAIRwaves FM have posted a new recording.

This was class Shetland’s first attempt at recording mAIRwaves and they were so excited.

They decided to share some information about their RME topic.

RME 1-02a

Having explored biblical and other Christian stories, I can show my developing understanding of key values of christianity and how they might be put into action in people’s lives.

Listen here

mAIRwaves have posted a new recording

50 Outdoor Challenges

Classes Tiree and Whalsay have been busy working on their 50 things to do outdoors before you leave Isobel Mair School.

It was such a lovely day on Tuesday 6th May that they decided to put a tent and walk bare foot in the grass.

This was a great learning experience for the pupils as they had to collaborate and problem solve with each other.

Listen as they discuss their day during mAIRwavesFM.

mAIRwavesFM have posted a new recording


mAIRwavesFM have posted a new recording linked to their Science topic. 

Listen here to see if they have met the success criteria during a recording of mAIRwavesFM

This week the experiences and outcomes were:

I am aware of different types of energy around me and can show their importance to everyday life and my survival. SCN 1-04a
By exploring and using technologies in the wider world, I can consider the ways in which they help. TCH 1-01a
I explore materials, tools and software to discover what they can do and how I can use them to help solve problems and construct 3D objects which may have moving parts. TCH 1-12a

Learning Intentions
To identify 3 sources of renewable energy
To explore technologies in the wider world
To explore different materials
To construct 3D objects which may have moving parts 

 Success Criteria
I can identify 2 technologies which provide renewable energy
I can explore a variety of materials
I can choose which materials would work best to create an object with moving parts
I can construct a 3D object related to renewable energy with moving parts