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Food for Thought……

The Food for Thought Education Fund from Education Scotland gives financial support to develop Food and Health as a context for learning. The fund aims to improve practitioner confidence in providing progressive, high quality learning experiences which help to embed food education into the ethos of the establishment. It also provides an opportunity to plan and implement learning experiences which build sustainability and capacity for future development.

Mrs Goodlad worked painstakingly to put together our successful application to gain the funding required for Isobel Mair to build its’ own Mini Allotment within the school grounds.

Mr Coubrough has been working with class’ Harris and Skye to develop an area of the school grounds specifically for food production. The project will be up and running for growing season towards the end of March where there will be 4 raised beds with wheelchair access to enable all pupils to participate in horticulture and produce fruit and vegetables for use in Home Economics lessons. We envisage this project will be a sustainable on-going benefit to the school.

The project could not have been completed without the help of companies from our local community- MensShed Barrhead for building our planters and also Waitrose for providing seed boxes and the vital know how for tending to our crops.

IMS #OneUseIsNoUse Re-useable mug.

Pupils from Isobel Mair School and Isobel Mair Family Centre have been asked to design a logo for an IMS #OneUseIsNoUse Re-useable mug.

Winning entries will be made into re-useable mugs that will be for sale from IMS eco enterprise committee very soon!

We hope that the local community will support the cause and purchase a re-useable IMS mug for use in @Waitrose beside the school, and spread the message that #OneUseIsNoUse #PlasticIsNoLongerFantastic

Click here for the entry form



Christmas Card Recycling

We are participating in a Christmas Card recycling Competition with the opportunity to win £250 for the school.

Now that the Christmas tree and decorations are all down, you can help Isobel Mair School by sending in all  the old Christmas cards and help us support the environment by recycling your old cards.

Thank you for your continued  support.


Eco School

Eco Schools

This morning we are having a visit to the school and Family Centre from  Eco School Scotland  re our Green Flag application.

Our visitors will have a tour of the school, school grounds to see all the great work we have been doing in the school and Family Centre.

Some of the topics we have looked at include:-
* Litter
* Waste management – recycling paper & cartridges, composting
reducing paper.
* School grounds – outdoor learning, wildlife and developing garden

We will keep you updated.



Eco Action Day

We are looking for volunteers and their gardening tools to help us during our action day on Friday 11th September. The focus will be gardening and working in the sensory garden.

If you are able to help us please come along from 10am-11am. We have some gardening tools in school but we would appreciate you bringing along any extras from home.


Your help is much appreciated.

MAIRtrade Fair

It’s cool to be FAIRtrade


Our MAIRtrade Fair takes place this morning, Thursday 19th February at 10am.

Take a look at what all the classes and children from the Family Centre have been working on this term for the MAIRtrade Fair.

Hope you can make it along and support all the classes.

We look forward to seeing you all.

MAIRtrade Fair

MAIRtrade Fair

book swap

On 19 February, we will be holding MAIRtrade, a fairtrade and eco fair.

One of the stalls at the event will be a book swap, which will help to promote the concept of ‘reuse’.

Have a clear out of your book shelf and for every book your child brings in before 19 February, he/she will receive a token. At MAIRtrade, tokens can be swapped for other childrens’ books.

This is a great way to support reading and to keep our bookshelves fresh.




Eco Character

Introducing CARRIE

Do you like our Eco character designed by Jamie,one of our S4 pupils.

Jamie is one of the Eco committee members and after discussion withthe group  they came up with this idea.

This led to a model of the character being designed and the pupils from Loch Awe worked with Maureen our visual artist to create a wonderful model.

Jamie then volunteered to draw the character incorporating our school logo. He used some of the art tools from smartnotebook, tracing, drawing and colouring the logo. We can now use this logo in all our presentations.

We are all very proud of Jamie and his design.