P2B Try Everything!

We’ve had a great week in P2B.

Our focus sound was a_e – we made words with playdough and drew pictures of the words on our whiteboards. We watched this video about ‘magic e’.

Our sound next week is i_e as in spike and hike.

In maths we were using playdough, paper strips and pasta to work out halves and quarters of a whole or an amount. We will continue with fractions next week.

We were learning about skeletons on Monday. Some Primary 7s came along to help us put them together with split pins.

Our assembly practice also began this week. Please come and join us next Thursday afternoon for our sharing afternoon where we will teach you all about Gerald the Giraffe and how did not give up, just like us!

Thank you for Mollie and Rhylan for book blessings this week about Dr Seuss’ Fox in Sox and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We look forward to reading them soon. 

We also chose our favourite books from our class library and wrote a message to our classmates about why they might like to read them. Largo the Lion came along to give us a hand. Thanks Largo!


We logged into the laptops and used Clicker 7 to write and save emails to Ohad. They’ll be coming your way soon Ohad!

Phew! What a busy week!


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