This week in school.

This week in school we have been putting links to the experiences and outcomes on LTScotland. One of the class targets were : I can demonstrate how well I understand time by completing a range of calculations and practical tasks. 😀 We are also continuing our guitar project.   

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At music we were practising guitar. Here is picture

We have been making time lines about our topic of great Scots. We have made a prezi about all of the dates on our time lines.

3 thoughts on “This week in school.”

  1. I’m very impressed by your use of prezi – I haven’t got the hang of it yet – I must practise more!

  2. Greetings from Dunedin, New Zealand! I work with a fantastic group of year 5/6 students who have only 6 weeks left to this current school year. I have just had a read of your blog and have to say I love the variety of content and the different tools you are using. I have been away four days bit on Monday (your Sunday night), I will share with the “Scoopers” your use of Prezi… I don’t know how to use Prezi yet and I think that could be our next learning step.

    Keep up the great work! I have added your site to our blog roll so we can keep up with your activities.

    Ms Bee 🙂

  3. Hello Lucy,your blog was really interesting it sounds like you’re doing lots of cool stuff. I’ll need to learn how to use Prezi as well as you can make fab presentations with it.
    Keep it up, Mrs Clark
    (I’ll also have to ask Mr McLaren how to put emoticons in my blogs!!)

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