What we have been doing.

Primary 7s have been planning on their Christmas ceilidh they had to go in groups and make a name and logo.  Next time when p7s get to plan the ceilidh they get to make their  own menu and get a budget .

 Pimary 6s went skiing at Fir park  they done a pizza shape then they got to go to the green line. Next week they are going to be going up the slope and the helicopter will be bringing them up half way. 

We  have been learning lots of different things and we have been putting targets in our learning logs one of our targets is: I can use a dictionary to find the meaning and spelling of words.  Mr McLaren showed us where to find the targets we were learning in the Experiences and Outcomes, and we will be learning more of  this through the term.

At music we are doing a guitar project. we got into separate groups and made a logo and a name on the logo. When we are finished we will sound like this guitar.

Our class assembly

On Monday 27th September it was our class assembly.It was about the p7’s visit to Ardeonaig and Activity Week that took place in school. At Ardeonaig there were 4 groups-Lochy,Ness,Morlich and Tay. At Ardeonaig the p7’s took part in Gorge walking, high ropes, low ropes, an adventure walk, orienteering, archery and a treasure hunt. Every night the p7’s watched a bit of Marley And Me before they went to bed.They also had to say grace before every meal because Ardeonaig is a Christian centre. Every morning we were wakened by this song jitterbug coming throught the speakers!

The rest of the class enjoyed Activity Week in school.We visited Rosemount Farm in Blairgowrie which is owned by the Cooperative.We learnt about what crops they grew and we made healthy pizza’s.Here is a picture of one we made out of material. We went on Zooburst and Kerpoof. Another activity we did was drama. We went through the alphabet with a partner and guessed what they were acting out. We all had a great week no matter if we were at Ardeonaig or at school.