Hi there P6/7

Hello to everybody in primary 6/7. I’ve finally started to learn some of the skills needed to add a blog post and picture. I now have an idea how much work is involved in getting this thing up and running. Well done to all of you, I certainly don’t find it easy!

I’d like to thank you all again for all the effort you put into Fridays Scots Event. It was a great afternoon and you all performed beautifully. It shows that the effort you put in to something can be seen in the final outcome!

This week in school.

This week in school we have been putting links to the experiences and outcomes on LTScotland. One of the class targets were : I can demonstrate how well I understand time by completing a range of calculations and practical tasks. 😀 We are also continuing our guitar project.   

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At music we were practising guitar. Here is picture

We have been making time lines about our topic of great Scots. We have made a prezi about all of the dates on our time lines.