A word about worrying.  Many of us can fall into the trap of worrying and ruminating about a problem or concern and investing time in anticipating potential difficulties.  It can be very easy to get stuck imagining one negative event after another.

One potential solution is to plan what you would do if these situations actually arose then move on.  You don’t need to keep thinking about it.  The event you worry about might never take place!

My worry script Who is being helped by this worry? Who is being affected by this worry? Can I do anything about it right now? Could I do something about this later?

The worry script here is very useful:






Problem-Solving Plan the goal is to try and find solutions to problems: Define the problem, list the possible solutions, list what migh happen for each possible solution, select the best solution based on the consequences, put your plan into action, did it work?How can we change our behaviour to help interrupt the vicious circle?  One of the things that is useful is  to make a plan to break the problem down.  Here is an example:




We also know that exercise, especially outside can be helpful (Top tip when you find it hard to make the move to go and do something – (count to three as you get up and put your hand on your trainers or jacket – don’t think – count and do!)

Role Model when you are feeling unsure of how best to deal with a situation it sometimes helps to imagine what your role model or a colleague you admire might do. Imagine you are going to work in a new school and dont know what to expect. Rather than panic or imagine the worst, think how your role model or colleague would react. Think about: what they would do? How they would walk? How they would communicate?

You could also think how your role model might deal with the situation.  If you are worried about a meeting for instance think of how they would sit, talk, look etc.  These examples can give you the confidence you need.



Relaxation and breathing techniques can also help us to feel better and help to move the thoughts feelings and behaviour wheel in the right direction.  There are lots of suggestions for both on the website but here is a relaxing video from Orkney that will soothe the soul.


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