Family Nurture Leaflets

In order to view each leaflet click on the titles below.  Each leaflet contains embedded hyperlinks to video clips , websites  and a section with further information and resources.

How your behaviour shapes your family: learn about how powerful adult behaviour is in shaping children and the things you can do to be a positive influence.

How adults can support learning: find out what you can do to support and develop your child’s learning including good questions to ask, information on mediated learning and the zone of proximal development.         

Relaxation and Mindfulness: understand why these approaches matter and realise how to feel calmer and approach life in a more relaxed manner.

Helping babies  brain to grow: discover the five things which babies need in order to support their brain development and just how social babies are from birth.  

Developing Self-regulation: the ability to monitor, control and manage our own behaviour is a strong predictor of academic success.  Find out what you can do to help children with regulating their feelings and behaviours.

Understanding and responding to anger: we all get angry at times, learn more about what lies beneath anger and the strategies which are helpful.

Understanding and responding to anxiety: learn how anxiety affects our thinking and behaviours and what we can do to support children and young people as they deal with this challenging emotion.

 Emotion Coaching: discover ways to help children understand their emotions and manage them more effectively.

Helping children develop a positive outlook: find out what leads to happiness, help develop positive mindset and an ability to bounce back (resilience).

Thinking Skills: learn about different thinking skills, discover helpful questions to ask children, and what you can do to encourage them to develop stronger cognition.

Sleep: understand why sleep matters, what helps to develop healthy sleep habits and the things to avoid.

 Child Brain Development: find out about the remarkable way the brain grows in childhood and discover ways to support child development during this time

Adolescent Brain Development:  discover the changes which take place within the teenage brain, tips for supporting and communicating with teens and ways to help them take care of their developing brains. 

Growth Mindset: how we view our own intelligence shapes our learning and success, see how to foster a growth mindset and help children to flourish.

Loss/Bereavement: resources and links available within COVID-19 section of website please click here.

Wellbeing – Children: mental health and wellbeing has such an impact on our ability to function in our daily lives and it is important that we take time to nurture it. Find out what you can do to support positive wellbeing in children with this leaflet.

Wellbeing – Teenagers: parents/carers have a key role in supporting teens to understand how to make changes to help them feel more positive, find out about the NHS 5 ways model, tips for talking to teens about mental health, developing confidence, managing social media and worries.


We have also developed a 5-10 minute presentation, which can be used to share with staff groups, parent councils and via your usual communication channels to raise awareness of the leaflets and the key themes underpinning these.  Click here  to view this presentation.


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