Scottish Education Awards

On Tuesday 12th of June it was the Scottish Education Awards, this meant that the school was up for the best school in Scotland for using technolgy. Two girls from Port Ellen Primary school, Emily and Eilidh, went with three other teachers which were Mrs Clark,Miss MacRae and Mrs Macdonald. They went away on Monday Morning and ended up with a whopping surprise. They came first in this Award which meant a lot to Port Ellen Primary.

Electrical Christmas Models

The end of the electricity topic meant a challenge, in groups to use an electrical circuit to make a Christmas related model. The groups had to plan, design and build a model relating to Christmas using an electrical circuit. Points were awarded for excellent design, originality and good use of circuits. At the end we had a Rudolf with a light up nose, a snowman whose carrot nose glowed orange, a Stop Here Santa Sign that had Rudolf’s eyes rotating and a christmas quiz where rudolfs nose glows if you get the correct answer. The Christmas quiz was voted the winner.