Port Ellen F.C JRS vs Lochgilphead Red stars F.C

The kids that go to Port Ellen JRS FC  get to go to  different places in Argyll and Bute to play against a lot of other great teams over Argyll and Bute football teams. There is 7 teams that we are playing against. We are playing 7 home games and 7 away games but this time we played Lochgilphead Red stars F.C.

We had Calum in goals, William, James and Ben in defence, Teddy, Murry, Katie and Dylan were in wing, Mya and Finlay were in Midfield and Jack was our striker.  We won 2-0.  It was great fun!



On the 2nd of June we went over the Ard to learn about peatlands with Fiona from the INHT. Every year peat grows 1 millimeter. If it reached 1000 centimeters it would have of been  like the beginning of Stonehenge. There is a special type of moss to help it grow which is called sphagnum moss and they used to use that moss for bandages and nappies because it is like a sponge and it can absorb liquids.

We also looked at all different types of animals, mosses and plants that live in  peat over the Ard.  There was stonewort, lizards, snakes, bog cotton, cuckoo flowers and rashes.

My Joinery Endeavour By William Allan Campbell

This is my Endeavor and it Endeavor is a challenging  project that you know nothing about but at the end of endeavor you’ll know every thing about it.

I chose joinery for my E ndeavor because  I have always wanted to be a joiner because you always are working with wood and that is one of my favorite things to do.

The people that helped me was Mr. Pollock  for the ladybird book and the wood that he sent me. My dad and brother have also helped by showing me how to use the tool and  how to identify the type of wood and how old it is.

So far in my Endeavor I have made a butt joint, lap joint and a miter butt joint. My favorite thing I had built was a copping board but I’m going to build a bird table for my mane project. I have been doing some designs for my bird table and chopping board and hopefully I will get  my bird table soon.

Here is my sway on joints and quiz.

wood work (Edit) Microsoft Forms (office.com)

Learning In Lockdown

In lockdown school’s, store’s and clubs were all shut but people have found ways through it like Home schooling. We are just back from home schooling and every day in home schooling we had a google meet on Monday and Friday but the whole class had a google meet  and P5, P6 and P7 had their own day for a google meet. And we done weekly topics. and we were doing work in home learning because of seesaw. But if we didn’t have seesaw then I don’t know what we could of used  in lock down and seesaw is a learning app for kids. In hone schooling it felt like it was just like normal school but at home. Then when we got back to school it was changed and felt a lot different. We had are own tables at lunch and only three people on a desk and only three people in the bathroom and now every class has a different break time.   We miss getting our work done and getting out and about.


On Islay people play golf at  the Machrie hotel. There is a golf club at the Machrie  hotel for kids to learn. You show up at the golf driving range.  At the club you hit  some golf balls with a 5, 6, 7 ,8 iron  golf clubs. The coaches David and Brian  watch us to see if we are doing it right. I’m going to tell you how to play golf.


See the source image

Your chest is your  engine a bit of flex in your  knee’s and hold up over at your slogger  and try not to hit the ground and it should be a good shot.

At the Machrie they’re five areas to play golf they’re two courses the big courses and the small courses they’re two putting areas ad 1 putting and chipping courses. On the big courses they’re is eighteen holes on the small courses they’re is  six holes.

Golf is a famous solo sport for calming  people down. I really in joy golf. It is also a captative sport.

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