My Endeavour WW2 Aircraft

My Endeavour is on WW2 aircraft where I Research different kinds of WW2 air craft but I also build models. They need special  kinds of glue and paint to build them. The facts I have at the moment are very good and a also have got one model built and I have started a second one right now and I am still getting more facts plus waiting for my response from my letter from the London war museum but I need to build 5 more models and a lot more facts. So yes I might need a bit more time.



Since space is so big we have not scratch the surface of it in our topic because space is endless and I mean it.

There was a new mars rover sent to mars called Perseverance. Its task was to collect samples from Mars to test if there was life there and it was packed with the first space helicopter. But the Chopper could go at least 10 meters and it would be retrieved by another shuttle and come back to earth in 2032.

Since there will be more space helicopters. I only know of the next one called dragonfly but this one will have four props this time plus will fly longer distance. I estimate 20 or 30 or maybe it might be to heavy and it might fly 10 meters who knows it could even fly 100 meters.

What I am try to say is space is endless we can’t search all of it because it will go on forever.

by Connor

Children in Need

At school we did something called Pudsay day when we come to school in are pyjamas and we also done the Jerslema. Jurusalema is a dance we saw it on the internet and we thought it would be good for raising money on Pudsey Day When you come into school you put money in a tin for your pyjamas and doing the Jerslema help raise money here is are total. it has change because of covid 19 because the other times the tin came to the class room and not at the door and we got cup cakes at break.

£256.36 That is are total