Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Quiz

This is a quiz about the book Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

1.) Who goes with Charlie to the chocolate factory?

A.)  Mrs Bucket

B.) Grandpa Joe

C.) Willy Wonka

2.) Who gets sucked up the big pipe in the chocolate room?

A.)  Veruca Salt

B.)Violet Beauregarde

C.) Augustus Gloop

3.) How does Charlie leave the chocolate factory ?

A.) Through the roof

B.) Through the door

C.) Through the wall

4.) Who finds the first golden ticket ?

A.) Charlie Bucket

B.) Mike Teevee

C.) Augustus Gloop





2. c

3. a

4. c




Christmas Jumper Day.

On Friday 13th December it was Christmas jumper day at Port Ellen Primary School. On Christmas jumper day you could wear your Christmas jumper  for Save the Children.

If you wore a Christmas jumper to school you had to bring in a donation. The donation that we got went for Save the Children.

We raised £100 altogether.

Hydro Dam Trip

Yesterday we went to Ballygrant Quarry with p4/5. We saw a waterfall that generated power to a turbine which was stored in a shed. This was called a hydro dam. We learned that the river in Ballygrant leads into a pipe which travels to the waterfall that moves the turbine to produce energy. The energy from the turbine goes to Dunlossit Estate.
Dylan and Rhuraidh