My Endeavour

My Endeavour is animation. For my Endeavour I have to make an animation with Lego, I had to plan out my video by making a story board on what was going to happen in my video. I also decided to make a quiz on the history of animation and I made a poster for my table where I will be presenting my Endeavour.


There is all different kinds of animation these are

  • stop motion
  • Traditional animation
  • 2Danimation
  • 3D animation
  • Motion graphics

I chose to make my animation by using stop motion. For stop motion you’ve got to take a photo and then move the object you took the photo of so once you’ve taken about 100 pictures you’ll have about a 1minute video and because the pictures are slightly different each time it looks like the still images are moving.


Learning About Racism

In school this year we have bean learning about the history of racism. We have been learning about this because of all the racism going on in the world right now.  We learnt some facts about Maya Angelou these are some facts:

. Maya Angelou refused to speak for 5 years.

. She was a poet, actress and author.

.She got a medal from Obama in 2009.

Before the holidays P5,6,7 did paintings of one of the scenes of Maya Angelou’s famous poems. The poems we did were “I know why the caged bird sings and I will rise”. We had to paint things that were lines in one of the poems and we also used collage that looked like the things in her poem.



We also read about her and  other people who  did things about racism in America in the past. We also learnt about what racism is and all the different types of racism. We also learnt about when it started in the UK and the racism that is going on in the UK now and in the past.

Racism is when someone treats someone differently because of the colour of their skin, their culture and the country they’re from and we have learnt about this because we think it is important to know what racism is and the effects it can have on people.

By Dylan



Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Quiz

This is a quiz about the book Charlie And The Chocolate Factory.

1.) Who goes with Charlie to the chocolate factory?

A.)  Mrs Bucket

B.) Grandpa Joe

C.) Willy Wonka

2.) Who gets sucked up the big pipe in the chocolate room?

A.)  Veruca Salt

B.)Violet Beauregarde

C.) Augustus Gloop

3.) How does Charlie leave the chocolate factory ?

A.) Through the roof

B.) Through the door

C.) Through the wall

4.) Who finds the first golden ticket ?

A.) Charlie Bucket

B.) Mike Teevee

C.) Augustus Gloop





2. c

3. a

4. c




Christmas Jumper Day.

On Friday 13th December it was Christmas jumper day at Port Ellen Primary School. On Christmas jumper day you could wear your Christmas jumper  for Save the Children.

If you wore a Christmas jumper to school you had to bring in a donation. The donation that we got went for Save the Children.

We raised £100 altogether.

Hydro Dam Trip

Yesterday we went to Ballygrant Quarry with p4/5. We saw a waterfall that generated power to a turbine which was stored in a shed. This was called a hydro dam. We learned that the river in Ballygrant leads into a pipe which travels to the waterfall that moves the turbine to produce energy. The energy from the turbine goes to Dunlossit Estate.
Dylan and Rhuraidh