Our Trip To Stirling University

Next week we are going on a trip to Stirling University to see what university is all about.  As a student you get to choose your own subjects. You get set essays on a set time. You can also do courses. You also get to meet new people that will be you friends forever. They have a major sports program at Stirling.

Advantages – You get a student discount. You get Christmas, Easter and the Summer off. You get a University flat. When you graduate you get to go to the grad ball and get pretty pictures. You are close to the cinema and yummy restaurants and a very good swimming pool and gym.

My Aunty (Shona Isla) studied Animal Biology and very recently graduated. Her friends still come to visit us with their parents.

A team from Stirling Universaty went to Rio 2016 they got to go on Tv.

Some people from Stirling Unaversaty is part of team GB.

The are four swimmers from team GB which were taught by Stirling University. They also do golf, running, football, rugby and more.

By Eva, Darren and Ruaraidh.

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