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P3a’s Assembly

We had a great time presenting the assembly to our parents, family and friends this morning. Our assembly was on the value of “wisdom”. There was singing, dancing, drama and lots of stories. We thoroughly enjoyed sharing our learning with everyone. We now know the difference between knowledge and wisdom and hopefully we will make wise choices in the future. Our teachers are very proud of us!

Reflective Spaces Workshops

Lots of classes have taken part in “Reflective Spaces” workshops on the Value of the Month – Patience. These were run by Darren from the Chaplaincy Team. There was a range of activities that pupils could choose from to help them to think about this value in more depth. These workshops will complement our Values Education programme and will run once a month this session, with alternate classes taking part each time.

P3a – 30.9.16

This has been a another busy week in P3a, preparing for our first class assembly on the value of thoughtfulness. We worked hard learning our lines, rehearsing our Mr Twit and Good Samaritan dramas, singing our songs and presenting what we have learned about thoughtfulness.

slide-for-assembly-1-mk-2           slide-for-assembly-2-mk2

Thanks to all our parents, carers and friends who came along this morning to watch our assembly. I think you will all agree that we have lots of talented children in Primary 3a!

P4a Update – 30.9.16

This has been a really busy week in P4a as we were working hard to prepare for our class assembly about the value of Thoughtfulness. We had lines to learn and practise at home. We had songs to sing and actions to add. It was great fun making up our drama sketches, taking photos and filming our library video clips. We learned a little about the work of the MacMillan Cancer Support charity and we were proud to link this charity with the value of thoughtfulness. We did a great job presenting the first P4-7 class assembly of the year and we would like to thank our parents and carers who helped us practise at home and also came to watch as part of the audience. (N.B. The green balloons were recovered safely!!!)

In maths, we have been measuring capacity and volume in litres and millilitres. We all got to investigate this at the water tray. We should now have a look at home to see what items we can find that have been measured in litres and millilitres, e.g. fruit juice or shampoo. We have also been working with bigger numbers including thousands, hundreds, tens and units. Some of us even worked with numbers including tens of thousands!

P4a have begun NYCOS music lessons with Mrs Poynter. She will be helping us to learn more about rhythm and keeping the beat, as well as reading and writing music. This will all be done through fun games and songs and the course will run up to the Christmas holidays.

In language, we have been continuing our study of Fantastic Mr Fox and have explored the setting for this story. We also wrote an imaginative story about what might happen next to Mr Fox and his friends. This was an assessment piece of writing to help identify our next steps in writing. We started our spelling homework properly and we had our first spelling patterns and tricky words to practise.

In P.E., we have continued to work on our tennis skills with the tennis coach Eoin. Mr Muldoon has also been helping us to develop our fitness further through partner activities. We enjoyed welcoming parents and carers into class for our first Terrific Tuesday. There was lots of fun to be had with the games and activities. We dressed up in green to support the MacMillan Cancer Support charity and we took part in the coffee morning by singing one of our assembly songs.

What a busy week we have had!


Primary 3a create a Labyrinth

Today Primary 3a had a very special visitor. Darren Philip, the Youth and Children’s Development Worker from Livingston United Parish Church, came into class to help us learn about labyrinths.

A labyrinth is a bit like a maze but has only one path and no dead ends. Labyrinth paths have been walked for over 4000 years with people using them to relax, reflect and clear their minds. Christians say a prayer at each twist and turn of the path.

We designed and created our own finger labyrinths out of clay and then created a class labyrinth using our mathematical, problem solving and group working skills. When it was complete we all walked the labyrinth then shared our learning with Mrs Hollands and Primary 3b.

We thoroughly enjoyed our morning. A big thank you to Darren.

P3/2 learning and achievement

A huge well done to all of the P3/2 pupils who recieved certificates in assembly today.

Our achievement certificates were presented to Lucas, Finn, Eilidh and Heidi. Our Scots Poetry certificates were awarded to Josh, Arran and Sara.

This week we have been very busy exploring and investigating man made and natural materials in our school environment. We visited the nursery playground as an outdoor learning experience and found lots of examples of each.

We enjoyed learning about the customs and traditions of the Islam festival of Eid  and created lanterns, cards and hand art as part of our learning. We can’t wait to display our beautiful work in our new classroom!




Equality Assembly in P3b

We had been working very hard in Primary 3b since returning from the holidays to get our assembly together, and successfully presented all of our learning on Friday’s assembly for Primary 1-3 and Parents and Carers who came to watch.

Our assembly was on the Value of the month for January which is Equality, and we spent time in class discussing what this meant and how we could tell everybody else about it.

We sang songs, read the story of Rosa Parks who fought for Equality, read an equality poem and told everybody about the inequality some children still experience around the world in a video we made.  Mr Brice also helped us make a video about sharing smarties to see if Williamston pupils (and staff!) could share equally with each other.

We had lots of fun doing our assembly for our audience and Miss Robertson is very proud of how hard we have worked and how wonderfully we presented the assembly for everyone.