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P4 Trout Project

In P4 we were sad to wave goodbye to our fishy friends! But happy that they grew so well and were ready to swim off into the Murieston Water. We did this project with Forth Fisheries and took great care of the trout as they changed from alevins to fry. It was fun seeing them swim off to their new home, although some weren’t too keen on leaving! While we were at the river, we also took part in some river-dipping activities, where we looked in some of the river water for some of the living things that the trout might like to eat. We were able to identify these insects and river creatures using magnifying glasses and charts. Thank you to Forth Fisheries and parents who supported this project.

Special Arrival in P4!

In P4, we were delighted to welcome some special arrivals recently – baby trout! We are doing a project with Forth Fisheries where we are raising trout fish from alevins to fry. We have got a special tank for them and our main job is to make sure that the water is the correct cool temperature by using bottles of ice. We change the bottles of ice twice a day to make sure the temperature doesn’t get too high. We will be releasing them into the local waterways when they  have all turned into fry.We are enjoying watching them change and grow – science in action before our very eyes!

P4 Scottish Wildlife Technology Homework Project

Wow! What talented model-builders we have in P4! We have been so impressed by the high standard of Scottish wildlife models that were made at home as part of a home-learning task recently. We demonstrated our creativity and problem-solving skills by using a wide range of materials to build models of lots of different types of animal. We also had to research our chosen animal and find out facts about it. Over the next couple of weeks we will be presenting the model and information to our classmates. Thanks to all at home who helped with this project.

P4 Scientists investigate – Which solids are dissolve in water?

In P4, we have been investigating solids that dissolve in water. We first made predictions about which solids we thought would dissolve in water and then investigated this to find out if we were correct. We carried out a controlled experiment – taking care to keep the amount and temperature of water, amount of solid and time stirring the same. We found out that some solids were soluble (like salt and sugar) and some were insoluble (like sand). And we had great fun too!

P3/2 learning and achievement

A huge well done to all of the P3/2 pupils who recieved certificates in assembly today.

Our achievement certificates were presented to Lucas, Finn, Eilidh and Heidi. Our Scots Poetry certificates were awarded to Josh, Arran and Sara.

This week we have been very busy exploring and investigating man made and natural materials in our school environment. We visited the nursery playground as an outdoor learning experience and found lots of examples of each.

We enjoyed learning about the customs and traditions of the Islam festival of Eid  and created lanterns, cards and hand art as part of our learning. We can’t wait to display our beautiful work in our new classroom!




SSPCA visit to P4

In P4, we were delighted to receive a visit from the SSPCA to help us learn about the work of the organisation and Scottish wildlife. We enjoyed the presentation and video, then had fun playing a game with a partner to learn some facts about different animals and birds. This visit will really help us with learning about living things in Scotland. Thank you SSPCA!